Dr. Madeline Frank, An Educator With Results

She received her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music from the Juilliard School as a scholarship student of William Lincer, former principal violist of the N.Y. Philharmonic. She recently received her Ph.D. in Administration /Management from Walden University where she has developed methods of improving education through the use of total quality management as applied to arts and music programs. Her education has included scholarships at the Juilliard School, Indiana University, and the University of Cincinnati and she has a violin performance diploma from the North Carolina School of the Arts.

Recent Lectures/Concert Workshops

  • On Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 6pm. Students will perform Solo and Chamber Music works by Bach,  Haydn, Massenet, John Philip Sousa,Johann Strauss, and others.
  • Dec. 4, 2010, Saturday at 6pm. Solo and Chamber Music Recital works by Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Handel, Massenet,Jenkins, Arolas, and Daniels.
  • Lecture/Concert for Walden University/Alumni Lecture Series:
    • April 14, 2009 at 2pm“9 Management Secrets to Inspire Clients & Curb Health Care Professionals Burn Out!”
    • April 28, 2009 at 7pm: “10 Creative Ways to Inspire Students & Curb Teachers Burn Out!”
  • Workshop/Concert, Nov. 12, 2008 on “Classical Music & the Brain for Education & Health” for the Congregation of a Hampton Roads Church in Virginia.
  • Workshop/Concert, June 23, 2008 on “10 Creative Ways to Inspire Students & Curb Teachers Burn Out!” (Managing behavior in the classroom through Classical Music) for Educators/ Administrators in Newport News, Hampton, and Yorktown Public Schools.
  • Workshop/Concert, June 24, 2008 on “10 Secrets to Stop Students Boredom, Inspire Them & Make Them Smarter” for at risk Students/Parents (ages 5-12) in the Virginia Public Schools of Southside Hampton Roads and Eastern Shore of Virginia.
  • Workshop/Concert, June 25, 2008 on “10 Secrets to Stop Students Boredom, Inspire Them & Make Them Smarter” for at risk students (ages 13+) in the Virginia Public Schools of Southside Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore of  Virginia.
  • Workshop/ Concert, June 26, 2008 on “Nine Management Secrets for Health Care Professionals” (Managing Behavior through Classical Music) for Mental Health Professionals of Southside Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
  • Lecture/Concert/Workshops on “Music and the Brain” (Music therapy to assist patients recovery.) to Riverside Hospital Nursing Staff, VA. for Music therapy
  • Music and the Brain” (Music therapy to assist patients recovery) To the Veterans Administration Hospital doctors, nurses, and staff members.) , Music therapy
  • To Church and Synagogue organizations to help their members, both children and adults, with their special needs
  • “Brighter Children Through Music” to the Girls Inc. Community Program where Dr. Frank was awarded the 1997 Community Star Award for working with young people individually and in local Youth Orchestras
  • Lecture on “Total Quality Management” (TQM), at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana to business students. The lecture was based on her Ph.D. research, A Total Quality Arts Program for the 90s using Demming’s celebrated concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) as a frame of reference.
  • “Music Makes Good Scientists” Lecture/concert at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to their scientists
  • Lecture/concert on “Music Stimulates the Brain” at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to their scientists
  • Lecture/Concert on “Music, Science, and the Brain” at the International Aerospace & Ground Conference, Williamsburg, VA
  • Lecture/Concert on “Music, Science, and the Brain” for The Governor’s School for Science & Technology, Hampton, VA.(to gifted high school students)

Teaching/Student Recitals:

Dec. 3, 2011: Saturday at 6pm. Solo and Chamber Music Recital in Newport News, VA.

University Teaching

  • Christopher Newport University in VA. (for 9 years) teaching violin, viola, cello, chamber music, education classes and as a Conductor developing their University Orchestra Program
  • Saint Leo University in VA. (for 16 years) teaching Music History, Music Appreciation, and developing a special topics course at the students request, Introduction to Jazz.

As the advisor of the National Junior Honor Society at Jones Magnet Middle School, I had the pleasure of watching and listening to Dr. Madeline Frank speak to my students about “Music and the Brain.” My students were fascinated by her brain research, especially the effect of music on the damaged brain and recovery for injured children. Dr, Frank played some beautiful music for my students, and they left the lecture talking about the way Mozart and other classical music stimulates the brain.
Rebecca L., student advisor in Hampton, VA.

Under Master Classes/Teaching

  • Madeline Frank gave a Master Class for the music department students (solo & chamber music) at Xiamen University in Xiamen, China on Oct. 31, 2005
  • Conducted master classes at the University of Melbourne in Australia, Victoria University and University of Canterbury in New Zealand, the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra in California, The Summer Institute for the Arts for the City of Newport News, Virginia and she has conducted several orchestras in New York City and in Virginia. Most recently Dr. Frank has been working with two Youth Orchestras of Colonial Virginia.

Educational Coaching Classes on Dr. Frank’s math to rhythm program, “Musical Notes On Math”

Winner of the “Parent-to Parent Adding Wisdom Award”
Musical Notes On Math (teaching fractions and decimals to children in grades K-5)

Educational Coaching Classes for teachers, parents, and students on teaching math through the rhythm of music in K-2 using “Musical Notes On Math“, at local elementary schools in Virginia and she taught a group of fifth grade math teachers how to teach math through the rhythm of music, “Musical Notes On Math“, for a local Virginia Public School System.

For over 25 years, she has worked with individual students on string instruments by maintained a studio presently in Virginia and in New York City while working for the Metropolitan Opera/Ballet. The students range in age 6-70 and she has two recitals a year, solos with piano and chamber music. Once a year Dr. Frank programs one work that everyone can join in and play. For her Christmas Concert the students played the “Orange Blossom Special”. The students and the audience had a marvelous time.

She enjoys helping people of all ages to succeed in their lives whether it’s in a lecture hall, a class room setting, in her studio or in hospitals or homes. Dr. Frank works to enhance as many lives through music as she can.

Dr. Frank will be performing in Greece and England this summer. In the fall, she will be soloing with orchestra as well as teaching a master class in China.

Testimonials on Dr. Madeline Frank

Madeline was interviewed (April /May 2008) on her “10 Creative Ways to Inspire Students and Curb Teachers Burn-Out” by Rodd William Stowell, host for “Statewide Nevada” KWNA Radio in Winnemucca, N.V.; Rhett Palmer , host for “The Florida Show” in Vero Beach, Florida; and Shane McBryde and Ron Fraiser, hosts of the “Middle Georgia’s Morning News” Talk 940 WMAC Radio.

Reviews from radio hosts / producers: — “She is a Passionate teacher! The listeners of “The Florida Show” loved her and her innovative insights into the Power of Music to Motivate and Teach! “Rhett Palmer, Host of “The Florida Show”. -”You have a thorough knowledge of your subject and some great suggestions for helping children to learn more effectively.’’ Neal Woodall, Producer of “Middle Georgia’s Morning News”. WMAC AM 940 Talk Radio. –”Our listeners really enjoyed your entertaining and informative style.”Shane McBryde, host of “Middle Georgia’s Morning News”. WMAC AM 940 Talk Radio. “I want to thank you for being an amazing guest on my Show. The knowledge, experience and enthusiasm that you brought to my audience was truly refreshing. You are welcome back any time you’d like to be a guest.” Nick Lawrence, Host/Producer WEEU ‘s Straight Talk.

“It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Madeline Frank. I have known Dr. Frank for ten years and as a Director for the Saint Leo College Adult Education Program in Hampton Roads, I employed her as a professor of music. Dr. Frank is an outstanding teacher. She is highly motivated, well-versed and prepared, and caring not only for her students, but also the organization for which she works. Dr. Frank has the ability to inculcate in her students an understanding and appreciation for the subject being taught. She has demonstrated a quality of innovation by developing special topic courses in music which have been incorporated into the Fine Arts curriculum.

“Dr. Frank is internationally known as a musician having performed throughout Europe (London, Paris, Vienna), Australia and China. She has also performed in major cities in the United States and has had some of her concerts recorded; all of which can only bring prestige and recognition to the institution that employs her.”
Leonard A. Freedman, Ed.S. Director for the Saint Leo College Adult Education Program

“I interviewed Madeline Frank, author of ‘The Secret of Teaching Science and Math Through Music’, on The Inside Success Show and loved every moment. She’s a genius when it comes to music. She’s taken her passion and has solved one of the biggest problems of our time, teaching math. Her wit and fun stories made the interview lively and memorable. My audience loved her.”
Randy Gilbert, host of The Inside Success Show