What are the benefits of her unique book? Using her system for learning enhancement, she’s taken an average student and put them on the honor roll.


Dr. Madeline Frank cites scientific evidence showing that the study of musical instruments helps to develop strong neuronal connections to enhance brain function. She cites studies from such scholars as Arnold Scheibel, Gerald Edelman, Oliver Sacks, Alfred Tomatis and others. An Best Seller!

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Proven Successes

Kay, a fifteen-year-old high school student…
…came to work with her on her unique program. She had never been on the honor roll. Working through Dr. Frank’s unique program, through the cello, within three months, she was on the honor roll. Through her work with Dr. Frank, she developed discipline, cooperation, motivation, concentration and self-esteem. As we worked together, she also learned teamwork. She graduated from high school and went on to college.

Joe, a six year old student…
…came to work with Dr. Frank because he was not learning to read and write in first grade. Joe and Dr. Frank worked together through her unique system to read the musical notes and to count the mathematical rhythms to play the violin. In a short time, he was starting to spell words, read books, understanding math and doing grade level work. By the end of the school year he enjoyed going to school and his parents were very proud of him. What did Joe learn in working with Dr. Frank? He learned discipline,cooperation, teamwork, motivation, concentration, and self-esteem.

Andrea, a ten year old child…
…came to work with Dr. Frank, after suffering brain damage caused by a car hitting her as she crossed the street.Before the accident she was doing well in school. After the accident,she was failing in school with boarder-line mental retardation. Andrea and Dr. Frank started to work immediately! She began working with Dr. Frank using the piano and started to rewire her damaged brain. Each semester her grades improved and over time she was back on the honor roll doing grade level work. It took time , but today she is an honor roll student graduating high school and has been accepted into a college Aeronautics program. She worked very hard and is whole once again.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Frank’s unique program has taken her to work with patients in hospitals and homes. One of the patients was suffering from Alzheimer’s. When she and the staff walked into his room, he was talking in incoherent sentences. Immediately after playing the music he loved best, he remembered who he was and spoke in coherent sentences. The staff was amazed!

Parkinson’s Disease

For her work with patients afflicted with Parkinson’s, music was played for them to move by to reduce tremors and music was also played by the patient on piano or harp for added benefit. Patients are delighted.

Dr. Frank’s unique musical program working with children, both re-stimulates the brain, building new synapses, and exercises the brain to promote higher scholastic aptitude. Her unique program, the only one of its kind, takes an average child and puts them on the honor roll. There is no other place you can get this! Her program changes a child that is not doing well in school to one who excels.

  • Her unique program also works with adults for memory enhancement.
  • For those with Alzheimer’s, it helps them to remember.
  • For adults, it expands their learning for expanded knowledge and wisdom.
  • In those adults inflicted with Parkinson’s disease, her program reduces tremors and helps with movement and balance.
  • Discover the secret of how your life and that of your child’s can be enhanced through music.

Discover how you too can be brighter through music by reading her book, “The Secret of Teaching Science And Math Through Music” an Best Seller.

Testimonials on the book
“The Secret of Teaching Science and Math Through Music”

“Frank points out that such philosophers as Albert Schweitzer and Albert Einstein believe music helped them to think better. Her book surveys several different sets of test results that show scores are higher among students who played musical instruments.”
David Nicholson – The Daily Press

“The Secret of Teaching Science and Math Through Music” the author cites scientific evidence showing that the study of a musical instrument helps to develop strong neuronal connections to enhance brain function. She cites studies from such scholars as Arnold Scheibel, Gerald Edelman, Oliver Sacks, Alfred Tomatis, and others. As a classroom teachers of 26 years, I see children who have musical training have an advantage by being able to concentrate better and demonstrate good study skills.”
Jeanne Golner

“Music is good for the brain. If you have ever wondered about the relationship between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and how music relates to them, this book will give you a lot of great information. It gives the results of many difficult–to-do brain experiments and studies throughout the world.”
Dennis Marcellino “Why Are We Here? The Meaning of Life”

“A solid case for the importance of music education. Madeline Frank presents a solid case for the benefits of music education for the young. The discussion of music therapy is compelling.”
VW Sanzone and Marta Monahan, author of “The Courage To Be Brilliant: How Five Acts Of Improvement A Day Will Make You Shine”

“Every science and math teacher needs these secrets! “The Secret of Teaching Science and Math Through Music” is an enlightening study that would be beneficial for everyone teaching science and math. As a former principal, I would definitely commend Dr. Frank’s book to other educators. I would commend it to parents also, since the secrets it contains ought not to be limited to classroom study.”  Elizabeth Hamilton author of “Character-in-Action books”

“Madeline Frank’s book investigates the relationship between music, math and science. She discusses how the study of music enhances intelligence: playing music develops and strengthens our neural pathways. Music can stimulate memory. She make an excellent case that studying and playing music will enhance a child’s academic achievement and societal behavior. Even children who didn’t enjoy their musical studies were found to have reaped important benefits from them. “By putting instruments in their hands, (children) can be taught to be disciplined, cooperative, gain self-esteem, learn teamwork.” And by playing in orchestra or band, “these children will become a part of something good and positive.”
Dawn Matheson author of “Ruby Lee The Bumble Bee: A Bee’s Bit Of Wisdom”