Hedy_LamarrDecember 2008 Feature Question

How did classical music play a part in Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil’s invention of their “Secret Communication System”, the early form of spectrum? 

resnickNovember 2008 Feature Question

How long did Judith Resnik practice her piano each day and what were her SAT scores?

grahambellOctober 2008 Feature Question

How did the piano help Alexander Graham Bell? 

franklinSeptember 2008 Feature Question

What did Benjamin Franklin think about music and what musical instrument did he enjoy playing?

apgar_thumbAugust 2008 Feature Question

What hobbies did Charles Apgar share with his daughter Dr. Virginia Apgar?

HaebigJuly 4, 2008 Feature

Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture with Lyrics and Movement by Jeff Haebig, Ph.D and Madeline Frank, Ph.D. on viola using Classical music in kinesthetic learning through exercise to show the science of how the body/brain learns best suggested by research. Click here for the YouTube video

jeffersonJune 2008 Feature Question

President Thomas Jefferson what did you think of music and how long did you practice on your violin?

GolnerMay 2008 Feature Question

Jeanne how did you use classical music in your classes to teach math, science, and writing to your fifth grade students and what were the results?

jane_austenApril 2008 Feature Question

How did Jane Austen author of “Pride and Prejudice” start her day? 

mordMarch 2008 Feature Question

Mordecai, how does your “Learning by Example” CD series teach children and adults the beauty of classical music?

Cembal d’amour Rare Classical Music Recordings

freyFebruary 2008 Feature Question

Do you sit at a computer or at a desk for long periods of time do you have pain in your arms, legs and back?

schweitzerJanuary 2008 Feature Question

Why did Albert Schweitzer travel to Africa?