ELH_photoDecember 2009 Feature Question

Elizabeth Hamilton what would your ideal model of a school and classroom look like including Classical music in the background, the pledge of allegiance, prayer and how long would the school day be, and what are the best schools you have worked in and why?

December 2009 Radio Show sponsored by:  Character In Action http://www.character-in-action.com

dickensNovember 2009 Feature Question

How does Classical Music play a part of Charles Dickens life as an author and musician and what instruments did he play?

gilbreathOctober 2009 Feature Question

How does Classical Music play a part of Lillian Moller Gilbreth’s life as an industrial engineer and efficiency expert and what musical instrument did she enjoy playing?

devinciSeptember 2009 Feature Question

What did Leonardo Da Vinci think about music and what musical instrument did he enjoy playing?

August 2009 Video Feature #1

Dr. Frank’s Story “The Importance of First Impressions on your First Day of School”.

August 2009 Video Feature #2

New beginnings for teachers, Madeline Frank, Violist, performing the Theme from Dvorak’s New World Symphony.

desilvaJuly 2009 Feature Question

Maestro La Selva what have your New York Grand Opera performances in New York’s Central Park meant to you and what is the hardest part of presenting these fully staged operas?

phenryJune 2009 Feature Question

What did Patrick Henry think about music and what musical instruments did he enjoy playing?

MayerMay 2009 Feature Question

How does Classical Music play a part of Maria Goeppert Mayer’s life as a physicist and mathematician?

glaserApril 2009 Feature Question

How does Classical Music play a part of Donald Glaser’s life as a Physicist and Neurobiologist?

repin_423March 2009 Feature Question

How was Classical music an intricate part of Aleksander Borodin’s life?

connieFebruary 2009 Feature Question

How do the complex rhythms and melodies of the Classical music tradition play a part in Connie Soles’ work with individuals with Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, CAPD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Stroke and other serious brain disorders and injuries?

chaplinJanuary 2009 Feature Question

How did Classical Music play a part in Charlie Chaplin’s comic genius and how long did he practice his violin?

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