Revisiting Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder , International experts on “Super-Learning”: Madeline’s Monthly Blog, Musical Tips, & Radio Show for November 2023.

This month our blog and Radio Show revisits the work of  Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, international bestselling authors, educators, and experts on “Super-Learning”.

Our article of the month is “Help Guarantee Your Financial Independence” by Madeline Frank, Ph.D.

Radio Show feature question for November 2023 revisits the work of Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, international experts on “Super-Learning”. How did Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder teach “Super Learning”?


Our blog features Internationally acclaimed best selling authors, educators, and experts, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder on Super Learning. 

Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder have two questions they would like to ask you. “Would you like to learn two to five times faster without stress? And remember what you’ve learned?” Of course, you would!

Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder have written 10 books, created over 60 Super Learning programs, and have lectured and taught throughout the United States and overseas. Their books have been translated into over 25 languages. Today, Super Learning is being used in schools, colleges, and businesses to teach students and employees how to work faster, happier, with more accuracy and without stress.

Background of authors, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder:

“Sheila Ostrander holds degrees from the University of Manitoba in French literature and in pedagogy and has taught in England and Canada. She studied music for sixteen years with the Royal School of Music, England; and the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto. Ms. Ostrander is Canadian and lives in Toronto.”

“Lynn Schroeder has a B.A. in English literature and psychology from Skidmore College and did graduate work at The New School for Social Research. Ms. Schroeder was a native of New Jersey and lived in New York City.”  

Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder’s journey began when they were invited in the late 1960’s, for a three-month visit to Communist Moscow and Bulgaria, to the “All Soviet Conference on Parapsychology”. They met with Dr. Georgi Lozanov, a Bulgarian medical doctor specializing in psychiatry, psychotherapy, physiology, and education, and his staff learning about his “Suggestopedia: Accelerated Learning work.

Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder returned to the United States and Canada and introduced “Super Learning to the Western world.”

Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder’s work “draws from Dr. Georgi Lozanov’s “Suggestopedia, other “Soviet science”, and through their own insights.

Dr. Lozanov taught, through “the power of positive suggestion”, with a “relaxed and focused state of mind” that learning “becomes joyful” once again. He believed in removing roadblocks to learning. As a medical doctor his approach to learning was holistic.

The Power of Suggestion:

Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder ask you to remember and visualize your happy times. Do you remember a special time when you accomplished something in the past or present?

Did you have fun at the seashore or win a prize or an award? Do you remember a time when you enjoyed learning? Picture this time in your life. Use your imagination and visualize it as a short film.

Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder tell the story of 1970’s Russian Olympic weightlifter, Vasily Alekseyev who in training with his Coach would lift 499.9 pounds. At the time it was unheard of to lift 500 pounds.

His Coach asked him to lift his weight to his limit of 499.9 pounds. Vasily did this and his Coach asked him to go and look at what he had lifted. It read 500 and a half pounds. By the power of suggestion , Vasily’s Coach had him doing the impossible.

Vasily Alekseyev won Gold medals in the 1972 and 1976 Olympics and won 80 world records.

In 1954, no one had ever run a mile in under 4 minutes and then Roger Bannister did in 3:59.4. The power of suggestion makes the impossible possible.

Dr. Lozanov plays the slow movements of Baroque composers, Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli, Tartini, and Pachelbel. This music is slower than a person’s heart beat and relaxes the students and helps them remember more.

Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder’s 3 Components of Super-Learn: “Music, rhythm, and relaxation.” Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder say that these “ three powerful elements open up the reserves of your mind and by improving your memory you learn faster and remember more.”

Music Component: The Baroque music played is the slow movements of music from the 17th and 18 Century string Concertos. Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder said this music “lowers your blood pressure, lowers your pulse, to reach a state of relaxation.”

Rhythm Component: Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder said, “Memory is improved if the material is delivered in a rhythmic pace. Read the material in different intonations and inflections in your voice.” For example : Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder say to “use three different voice tones: normal; soft, whispering; and loud, commanding.”

Relaxation: When listening to the Baroque slow movements from the string concertos you begin to feel calmer and more relaxed as you slowly breath out and breath in. Ms. Ostrander and Ms. Schroeder suggest rhythmic breathing to remove stress.

Here’s your plan of action for your recordings following Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder’s “Super-Learning 2000” program (PP. 330-341)

You will be making a twenty-minute recording of the slow movements of Baroque music Concertos of 3-4 minutes for each composer. At the very end of your recording, select one fast movement from your Baroque string Concertos that will be around 3 minutes to finish your twenty-minute recording.

“Preparing Your 2 part program Ostrander & Schroeder’s “SuperLearning” Program

Part 1: Without music: Read your data of 7-9 words for 4 seconds

Then count 1,2,3,4 seconds of silence. (Use a clock with a second hand on it.)

For example: Multiplication Tables 

1 2 3 4 seconds                        1 2 3 4

“Two times two is four”           Pause

“Three times three is nine”       Pause

Read the first line in a normal voice, the second line in a softer voice, and the third line in a loud commanding voice.

Another example:

1 2 3 4                                                               1 2 3 4

“Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.”   Pause 

On your recording, use the material you need to learn, and follow this system. By recording your material you can listen to it whenever you want. For vocabulary words say the word define it then pause 1,2,3,4 of silence.

Part 2: Play your recorded material that you are learning and play your 20 minute Baroque music in the background while you are listening and learning.

So, if you would “like to learn two to five times faster without stress” get started today on your “SuperLearning” program!



                         “Help Guarantee Your Financial Independence” 

                                                By Madeline Frank, Ph.D.

If your spouse passed away would you be able to pay your bills? If you were divorced would you be able to pay your bills and take care of your family? If your parents passed away would you be able to pay your bills?

When I was engaged to be married, my Momma, Romayne Leader Frank, a lawyer specializing in Family Law and Real Estate, was getting ready to give a speech to the Women’s Club on “Women’s Financial Success”.

My Momma asked me to listen to the speech to see what I thought of it! Momma spoke of the need for women to have credit in their own name, not in their husband’s name, their former husbands name or their fathers name but in their own name.

Momma had clients who were widowed, divorced, and single who suddenly had no money or credit in their own name. The credit card and bank accounts were in their deceased spouses name, their divorced husbands name or in their fathers name which meant they did not have any money or credit in their own name and were unable to pay their bills and take care of themselves and their families.

Momma said women should always have their own separate checking, savings and credit card accounts in their own name so they would never find themselves without a way to support themselves and their loved ones.

I have over the years called our family’s accounts yours, mine and ours. The same name as the Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda Movie “Yours, Mine and Ours.” In the movie the title referred to children though not to money. Over the years, I have shared my Momma’s wisdom with many other women. Her speech was well received by me and the Women’s Club and has stood the test of time.

What are the secrets my Momma, Romayne Leader Frank taught for women and men to be financially independent?

1) Open a bank account in your name at a secure bank that is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and start immediately to put your money in it for your nest egg.

2) Open a checking account in your own name and put your money in it.

3) Get an American Express and or Visa Card at a very low interest rate in your own name and begin to use it immediately and pay your bill as soon as the statement comes in to establish your credit.

4) If you buy a house make sure your name is on the title and before purchasing your house have a professional title search done to make sure there are no liens or prior owners of the house.

5) If you are paying a mortgage on your house pay the bill on time. If the interest is too high talk to the holder of your mortgage and get it moved down. Always get a fixed mortgage rate.

6) If you buy a car make sure the title is in your name. If you are paying the car off each month pay the monthly charge on time. If the mortgage on the car is too high, talk to the mortgage company into lowering the rate. Make sure you have a locked in fixed rate.

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