Remember to start your day right by listening to Classical music, which has the power to improve your mood, make you smarter, and improves health and healing. This month’s blog includes articles on the healing power of listening to Mozart’s music, improving movement by dancing to Classical music for patients with Parkinson’s, and tips to improve your child’s study skills during the summer. Our article of the month is “Lessons from Great-Great Grandma” by Madeline Frank, Ph.D., DTM

Radio Show feature question for July 2014: What are the healing powers of listening to Classical and Baroque music?

The Healing Sounds Of Music” 
by Christian Domergue
 from the “Four Winds Nutrition Club”. Christian Domergue went to visit a friend in the hospital in ICU. He said, “The room was full of monitors and nurses and doctors doing their job.  Bleeping monitors were attached to my friend’s chest and arms… not exactly a peaceful place to be! 

I could read on my friend’s face, unable to talk at the time, anxiety and tremendous tension, fear. I asked a doctor if I could have her listen to what I thought was the most beautiful music… Mozart! 
What happened then was expected. Her look became different… her attitude calmer, her hands resting.” Classical music by Mozart has a powerful healing effect on patients.

How to keep your child’s school skills current during the summer:

  1. This summer find out what programs your library has for your child. Share with your child the joys of reading in your home every evening.
  2. Are you planning to take your child on vacation this summer? How about having a journal for your child to write in about their vacation? Ask them what they learned about each place they visited and what did they enjoy most about each place?
  3. Ask your child to help you cook dinner for the family by having them help you with a recipe. They will be reading and assisting in measuring out ingredients, which will help them in both math and science.
  4. The local science and history museums offer classes for children. Find one that will be most interesting to your child.
  5. Have your child help you make up Flash Cards in bright colors and letters to learn multiplication tables and vocabulary words.

NYer of the Week: William Wade Accompanies Parkinson’s Disease Patients Who Use Dance as Therapy” (May 30, 2014) by Roma Torre from the Time Warner Cable News, including video. The Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn, New York has had a program for Parkinson’s patients to dance to music for over 10 years. William Wade has shared his gift for playing the piano for all of these years. Andrew Thomas, a participant says, Wade’s “tremendously responsive and constantly surprising us with song selections that are utterly appropriate for the moment. He’s the spirit of the class, in a way.” Joan Frohman, a participant says, “When he’s here there’s a vitality and there’s an energy, and you forget that you have Parkinson’s Disease, and you forget that your right leg is shaking. You’re just totally immersed in the music that he plays. It’s just a very uplifting experience.” – Wade says,”You can see the effect that it has on the people, and you see the enjoyment they get from it. When they enter the class and when they leave the class, there is a noticeable difference in terms of their mobility and their mood.”–william-wade-accompanies-parkinson-s-disease-patients-who-use-dance-as-therapy

“Lessons from Great-Great Grandma” by Madeline Frank, Ph.D., DTM

If someone was trying to kill you and your family would you leave your home?

In 1898 you and your family, the Goldean’s traveled by ship to escape the violent massacres in Russia of Jewish families condoned by Czar Alexander III.

You have just arrived in America, the land of opportunity where you have the right to religious freedom to worship as you choose. Your home will be in Newport News, Virginia with your parents and sister. Your parents are very religious and have chosen a man for you to marry from the old country. But you have met and fallen in love with an American boy.

Your parents say you cannot marry him. “We have chosen your husband, David Shapiro.” The man you are to marry speaks many languages and is considered very educated and is a Hebrew schoolteacher. He has no refinement, but to honor your parents you must marry him. Your name is Bechie Goldean Shapiro.

After a year of marriage, you make a wonderful dinner with a lovely tablecloth on the table with your finest china, silver ware, and glassware. Your new husband sits down and pulls off the tablecloth saying, “It is much to fancy for me.” He has a remarkable gift for removing the Tablecloth from the table without damaging the dishes or silverware but he is unable to earn a living with that skill.

What will you do? You have to find a way to support your husband and child. You have a baby daughter Belle. You have several beautiful teacups and saucers. You decide to try selling them on the side of Jefferson Avenue. That day you discover you have a gift for selling and over time you start a department store called Shapiro’s. It becomes a family department store where housewares, clothes, and shoes are sold for men, women, and children. Your daughter Belle will work at your store as a teenager as will your son Max.

On her daughter Belle’s 20th birthday on August 12, 1924 Bechie Goldean Shapiro dies of Cancer. Belle Shapiro Frank, my father’s mother, and my grandmother continue the store. Belle buys beautiful clothes for women in New York City. She married before her mother’s death a man she chose, my grandpa Louis Charles Frank from Lithuania.

Grandpa came to America as a young teen-ager, 11 or 12 years old, and always jokingly said he arrived by covered wagon to America. He worked in the men’s department store of Shapiro’s as did their son, Robert, my father. Robert worked as a teenager in the shoe department. After working at Shapiro’s Department store helping people who had forgotten to wash their feet try on shoes, Robert was inspired to study harder so he could go to college and become an engineer or a doctor. He was the first in his family to graduate college. Shapiro’s Department Store lived on to support the Shapiro and Frank family for over 25 years.

What are the 3 lessons you can you learn from Great- Grandma Shapiro about solving your problems?

1) Have a positive attitude and always have a paper and pencil ready, wherever you are, in case you think of a solution to your problem.

2) Give yourself time each day to ponder your problem. Be observant and listen carefully to others, as you never know where you will find your solution.

3) Think of your problem as an opportunity and a new door or window will open up for you and never give up on solving your problem.

Great- Grandma Shapiro found she had a gift for selling and it was her opportunity to make a living and support her husband and child. By following these three steps you will be able to solve your problem like Great- Grandma Beckie Goldean Shapiro and turn your problem into an opportunity to learn, grow, and change your life for the better. © 2014 Madeline Frank

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