Our Radio Show and blog celebrates the life and work of Dr. Tracey C. Jones, best-selling author, speaker, Air Force Academy graduate, decorated Veteran, engineer, International leadership expert, scholar, researcher, President of Tremendous Leadership and musician.

Many of the world’s engineers, leaders, teachers, medical doctors, mathematicians, biologists, chemists, scientists, political scientists, economists, writers, and others have studied and played musical instruments since they were children. These eminent individuals have integrated music into their thinking process. Included is an article on the rewards of learning to play a musical instrument as an adult.                          .

Our article of the month is “Lifters vs Destroyers” by Madeline Frank, Ph.D.

Radio Show Feature Question for December 2021: How does Classical music play a part of Dr. Tracey C. Jones’ life as an International leadership expert and musician and which musical instruments does she play?



Dr. Tracey C. Jones is the author of 11 best-selling books, speaker, Air Force Academy graduate, decorated Veteran, engineer, International leadership expert, scholar, researcher, and musician. She is the President of Tremendous Leadership and she is passionate about liberating greatness in others.

Dr. Madeline Frank: “Tracey, where were you born, what were your parents’ names, and where were you raised?”

Dr. Tracey Jones: “I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Charles and Gloria Jones. I was raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and then all over the world in the Air Force, Austin, TX, Saint Louis, MO and then back to PA twenty years after I left.

Dr. Frank: “Did your father play any musical instruments?”

Dr. Jones: “My father was able to play any instrument by ear. We had a baby grand in our living room growing up. He also had a trombone, a guitar, and he loved singing karaoke. He also had numerous player pianos in all of his houses and would invite guests to sing along anytime they came for a visit. He also had this contraption which he called a “one-man band” which contained a cymbal, a percussion pedal, and a harmonica. He excelled at playing that as well!”

Dr. Frank: “What were your favorite subjects in elementary, middle school, and high school and did you do well in them?”

Dr. Jones: “I always loved and did well in math and science. I love the logic and order of math. And science to me revealed the glory of Creation. And I was gifted in writing and reading comprehension. So, I got to use both sides of my brain.”

Dr. Frank: “When did you begin studying the violin and cello and did you play in the school orchestra and band through high school?”  

Dr. Jones: “Violin lessons began at school in the 3rd grade. I also had private lessons. Cello lessons began in 9th grade, in high school, and I had private lessons. I actually converted to the cello because we had too many violinists and not enough cellists! I self-taught myself piano because we had one in our home.”

“I enjoyed playing in the orchestra through high school as well as the marching band. I was in the color guard and also held the symbols for the percussion section when we weren’t in our competitive season.”

Dr. Frank: “Were there any teachers that inspired you in elementary, middle school, or high school?”

Dr. Jones: “I will never forget my third grade teacher Ms. Vittolo, who also loved cats, and my 5thgrade teacher, Mr. Smith who was so encouraging. I also loved my music teacher Mr. Wray and am still in contact with him.”

Dr. Frank: “Did you play sports after school?” 

Dr. Jones: “I played field hockey and ran track my first year. After that, it was less organized sports and more working out on my own. I have always been athletic and a gym rat.”

Dr. Frank: “In high school were you a member of any academic clubs?”  

Dr. Jones: “The National Honor Society”.

Dr. Frank: “What jobs did you have while in high school and during the summers?”

Dr. Jones: “I worked at Word of Life Ministries in upstate NY. I was in housekeeping as well as a server in their Inn.”

Dr. Frank: “Who are your favorite musical composers?”

Dr. Jones: “My favorite musical composers are Richard Wagner, Antonio Vivaldi and of course, Bach.”

Dr. Frank: “How did studying the violin and cello help you in school?”

Dr. Jones: “You had to prepare, you could not wing it. It was proof positive you could get better at something with repetition and focus. Also, reading music is much like reading a recipe or an instruction. You follow-the steps and do what it says to do. It is clear, concise, and logical.”

Military Institute & Air Force Academy:

Dr. FrankAfter high school where did you go to school?

Dr. Jones: “My father returned from giving a speech at the New Mexico Military Institute and just raved about how motivated the cadets were and what they would accomplish with their training. I thought to myself, “I need to go there so I can become great too.” I earned my AA (Associates of Arts) from the New Mexico Military Institute.”

Dr. Frank: Where did you attend the Air Force Academy and what degree did you earn?  

Dr. Jones: “I earned my BS in General Engineering from United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I earned my appointment from my Air Officer Liaison at the New Mexico Military Institute, Maj John Schaeffer. He saw something in me I did not see and I am forever grateful.”

Dr. Frank: “Do you enjoy listening to classical music to relax and recharge?”

Dr. Jones: “I absolutely do. Listening to classical music is like reading seminal authors. In other words, classical music is the bedrock of transformational music. It moves, touches, and inspires, much like the transformational writers of yesteryear. And music can speak to you in a way like no other. It can also provide respite and healing when we are unable to confide in or articulate our feelings and thoughts to others.”

“When reading, I enjoy classical music in the background. My father considered music one of the three therapies of life and would often take us to concerts while traveling. He adored classical music and bought us tickets to attend many events.”

Dr. Frank: “After graduation what was your job or specialty in the Air Force?”

Dr. Jones: “I was in the AF 12 years. My specialty was working F-16 and F-15 fighter jets. I was a maintenance officer and had to coordinate all the aspects of flying safely and combat readiness for our pilots as well as the training for our maintainers.”

Dr. Frank: “After leaving the Air Force where did you work and go to graduate school?”

Dr. Jones: “After leaving the Air Force, I moved to Austin, Texas to take a job working for one of the large semiconductor industry companies.  In the evening, I took classes online through the University of Phoenix. It was a busy time in the semiconductor sector and the virtual classroom was perfect for my work schedule. While there, I earned my MBA in Global Management because I knew understanding the financials aspects of running a business was crucial. “

Dr. Frank: After working in Austin, Texas, and earning your MBA what companies did you work for?”

Dr. Jones: “I then went to Saint Louis, Missouri to work for a defense contractor, Northrup Grumman, and then on to work for a federal government contractor. In 2009, I moved back home to take the helm of my father’s publishing and speaking company.”

Dr. Frank: “Tracey, in 2009 you took over the reins of your father, the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones’ Executive Books carrying on his legacy. (Please share his philosophy and yours!)”

Dr. Jones: “My father’s mantra was, “You’ll be the same person five years from now that you are today except for two things; the people you meet and the books you read.” His legacy was on connecting people to transformational books so they could live their God-given purpose. He then encouraged them to share this wisdom and pour it into others. I am blessed to be able to continue this marvelous mission.”

Dr. Frank: “What are you most proud of?”

Dr. Jones: “I am most proud of the persistence with which I approach life. No matter how many times I got knocked down I refused to give up and maintained an attitude of gratitude. I am also most proud of the fact that my understanding of my earthly father’s legacy and walk with my Heavenly Father is getting more intimate and meaningful every day. That has made all the difference in the world.”

Dr. Frank: Tracy, what is your Ph. D. in and from what college did you earn your degree?

Dr. Jones: “My PhD is in Leadership. My dissertation was titled: “Perceptions of Leader Effectiveness in An Organizational Crisis: A Case Study of Follower Self-Efficacy”. I earned my Ph.D. from Lancaster Bible College.”

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Dr. Frank: “Please share your work and new books and courses. (Sparks, Burnett or Bridgett, children’s books, etc.)”

Dr. Jones: “SPARK: 5 Essentials to Ignite the Greatness Within is based on my research from my dissertation. Burnett or Bridgett: A Tale of Two Employees is as well. I am passionate about helping leading discover and identify followers who are all in so they can save precious resources and promote the collective integrity of the team. I have developed courses and workbooks for both of these books.”

“I have also written 5 children’s books with my rescue dogs/cats because they make amazing teachers on topics such as leadership, financial literacy, and developing a positive personality.”

Dr. Frank: “The Holidays are fast approaching. What a wonderful gift you and your Dad’s books would be for families, friends, and employees for Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year’s gifts. Please share a few of you and your Dad’s wonderful books and your web site for ordering.”

Dr. Jones: “I would say our Life-Changing Classics package of 34 mini-books is one of our best-sellers. We also so have bundles for youth, leaders, entrepreneurs, you name it.”

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Dr. Frank: Thank you, Dr. Tracey Jones, for sharing with our readers your work as an International Leadership expert and musician. You have inspired, motivated, and encouraged over a generation of successful leaders through your books, courses, podcast interviews, speaking and coaching classes.


Lifters vs Destroyers   by Madeline Frank, Ph.D.

 Would you rather be around someone who makes you feel good in life, who encourages you to be your best self?


Would you rather be around a person who tells you the “tons of faults” you have?

The choice is yours!

It takes work to be a happy positive person!

What words are you putting in your mind?

When babies come into the world they begin with blank pages!

You carefully teach them the good positive things.

Like a new born baby, be careful what you write on “your” pages!

The words you speak to yourself are powerful!

Stop and think- before you open your mouth! Curve those lips up and then speak and say positive motivating words.

Words have power! Always start by saying something positive to yourself and others.

Choose your words wisely. It’s all about what you are putting into your mind!

Those blank pages!

What are you eating?

Are you eating food that is good for your body?


Are you eating junk food?

Are you creating intentional time in your day to think where you want to go?

Zig Ziglar says, “be a good finder not a fault finder.” He suggests making a list of all the things you like, admire, and appreciate about your job, your mate, family members, and friends. Then enthusiastically verbalize these things in front of a mirror each morning and evening.”

Ziglar continues, “The more you emphasize the good qualities, of your family, friends and associates the more good qualities you will find to like or love. As a result, you will treat your family members, friends, and associates with more respect, courtesy, and appreciation. Your relationships will improve and be more meaningful and happier.”

Be a builder of yourself and compliment others.

When you speak to yourself, self-talk, say positive, enthusiastic, and inspiring words that will motivate you and uplift you beginning your day and before bedtime.

Change your attitude to one of gratitude.

Diely Pichardo -Johansson, M.D. and Life Coach in her new book, “Bouncing Back: A How To Manual For Joy With Minimal Energy Expenditure”, says

” The most effective self-lifting tool in the world is a “Gratitude Journal.” She has “shared this with her patients and the doctors in the support group she runs; they reported amazing results.”

She continues, “Every day write down what went well for you and write the entries in positive terms. For example: “I am grateful for my delicious coffee this morning. I am grateful for my son’s hug. I am grateful for my A/C because it keeps me cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Commit it to writing 5 things your grateful for. Keep it fresh. Write original entries. Savor it, in full sentences, and add Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Dr. Diely Pichardo -Johansson, “Every night before bed, I remind myself of things that made me happy, and that quickly evolved to giving thanks for “the good events” that had happened during that day.”

She continues,” When I changed my thoughts, I became a magnet attracting better things into my life.” Her new positive attitude, relaxed her enough to handle the difficult situations in her life.

Also begin and end your day with positive humor!

Write down any humorous stories, anecdotes, and jokes you hear and read during your day in your “humor journal” to re-read latter and share with family and friends to lower your stress and bring a smile to your face.

It takes work to be happy!

Let’s test out a little humor:

Actress and comedian, Carol Burnett stepped out of a cab one day and caught her coat in the door. The driver was unaware of her plight and slowly began to edge out into the traffic. To keep from being pulled off her feet, the comedienne had to run alongside the cab, down the block. A passerby noticed her predicament and quickly alerted the driver. He stopped, jumped out, and released Miss Burnett’s coat. “Are you all right?” he asked anxiously.”

“Yes,” she gasped, “but how much more do I owe you?” (From “Great Leaders Wanted” by Doug Dickerson)

Humor helps to keep one’s composure during difficult times! And helps to build confidence!

 What can you do each day to build a positive mindset?

    1)   Zig Ziglar, “Be a “Good-Finder”…look for the good in yourself and others. Words are powerful! Begin by saying positive motivational words to yourself and give sincere compliments to others!

2)   Diely Pichardo -Johansson, M.D., Change your attitude to one of gratitude. In your “Gratitude Journal.”    Write down each day, what went well for you. Change your mood to a positive one!

    3)   Begin writing humorous stories in your Humor Notebook so you can begin and end your day by reading something humorous!

How can you help yourself and others to be their best self?

By giving them honest sincere compliments.

Remember “stop and think before you speak.” Smile and say positive uplifting words.

Be a builder, a lifter, and developer of people! Be a good finder! © 2021 Madeline Frank

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A New Obsession’: The People Who Learned to Play Instruments During Lockdown” (March 23, 2021) by Amelia Hill from the Guardian.com

It’s never too late to learn a musical instrument. Research from Yamaha shows 75% of Britons have turned to music to beat lockdown blues.”



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Wishing you and your family a happy Chanukah and a Merry Christmas from Your Non-Invasive Medicine Music Expert, Madeline

For over 30 years, Dr. Madeline Frank has helped children and adults overcome problems through Classical music. Madeline Frank, Ph.D., DTM is an award-winning teacher, author, researcher, speaker, conductor, and concert artist. She has discovered a scientific link between studying a musical instrument and academic and societal success. Madeline Frank earned her Bachelor and Master’s degree from the Juilliard School of Music. Her education has included scholarships at the Juilliard School, Indiana University, and the University of Cincinnati and she has a violin performance diploma from the North Carolina School of the Arts. (C) 2021 Madeline Frank