Joshua Brandon Scott: Radio Show’s 2023 Graduate Award Winner:  Madeline’s Monthly Musical Tips Blog & Radio Show for May 2023

Our blog and Radio Show features Joshua (Josh) Brandon Scott our “2023 Graduate Award Winner”.  Many of the world’s MBA’s, engineers, scientists, medical doctors, mathematicians, writers, teachers and others have studied and played musical instruments since they were children. These eminent individuals have integrated music into their thinking process.

 Music is a powerful tool for motivating, inspiring, educating and soothing pain. The article of the month is “5 Simple Strategies for Raising Awesome Kids” by Madeline Frank, Ph.D.


Radio Show Feature Question for May 2023: Joshua (Josh) Brandon Scott is our Radio Show’s “2023 Graduate Award Winner”. What achievement did he accomplish?


Joshua (Josh) Brandon Scott our “Radio Show’s Graduate Award winner of 2023” is graduating on Saturday, May 25, 2023 at 10 am, receiving his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School.”

Dr. Frank: Did any of your professors inspire you?” 

Joshua Scott: Yes.  Professors Richard Ruback and Royce Yudkoff (and the courses they teach on Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition) have been tremendous inspirations for me.  These gentlemen have helped me identify and prepare for my post-MBA professional adventures.

Dr. Frank: “What were your favorite classes?”

Joshua Scott: “Some of my favorite classes from my time at Harvard Business School were:

“Financial Management of Smaller Firms, Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition,

Value Creation of Small and Medium Firms, Strategy and Execution, and Law, Management, and Entrepreneurship.”


Dr. Frank: “Did you listen to classical music while studying?”

Joshua Scott: “Yes.  Listening to classical music while studying has been both a great stress reliever and a wonderful method to help me focus on my studies. Although I myself play less, I enjoy listening to classical music while working on tasks that require me to concentrate for extended periods of time.”


Dr. Frank: Please share with us your Military career.

Joshua Scott: “I had the honor of serving six years as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, leaving the Corps as a Captain.  I began my military adventure as a logistics officer, and later became a foreign area officer (FAO for short) in Latin America.  During my time as a FAO, I combined my military experience with Spanish fluency to consult foreign military and security forces throughout Latin America. Serving as a FAO was an incredible experience, toggling between performing tactical level, boots-on-the-ground training alongside highly capable foreign security forces one day and then, the next week, working with high-level ministerial staff and military officials on how nation states combine forces to achieve mutual objectives. In all, my time in the military broadened my appreciation for the power of teamwork and made me understand the importance of international collaboration.”

 Dr. Frank: “How has playing the viola helped you through your studies at Harvard?”

Joshua Scott: “My upbringing as a violist has given me a deep appreciation for classical music, which has paid dividends throughout my time in school. Not only was I able to enjoy performances by my classmates (and appreciate the amount of time and effort they put towards preparation), but I also had a style of music which complemented my studying strategy.”

Josh Scott: “Upon graduation, I am going to”:

  • First, search for a small to medium size company with the proper financial track record within an industry of my choosing;
  • Then, upon successfully finding a company that fits my investment thesis, I will raise the capital necessary to acquire said company;
  • Afterwards, upon successfully acquiring a company that fits my investment thesis, I will operate, optimize, and (ideally) grow said company;
  • Then, after operating said company for a few years, I will then take inventory of where I am in life both personally and professionally, and subsequently make a decision on how I would like to move forward.” 

Dr. Frank: “Joshua Scott we are honored to have you as our Radio Show’s “2023 Graduate Award Winner”. Thank you for sharing your work.


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Joshua (Josh) Brandon Scott, how does Classical music play a part of your life as our Radio Show’s “Top University Graduate of 2015” and what musical instrument do you play?”

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5 Simple Strategies for Raising Awesome Kids by Madeline Frank, Ph.D.

Do you remember the friends you had in high school who were given a car with no expectations of responsibility vs those friends who had to work for their car?

I’m sure you noticed the same difference that I did, regarding the level of care and appreciation they had for their vehicles.

When my kids were that age and a classmate was given a car, they got in trouble. The kids that had to work for the car appreciated it!

When you don’t earn the things you want, you don’t appreciate them.

Doing chores as a child teaches children to be accountable, responsible, and disciplined. This also builds a “proper work ethic” for their future?

Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker and author, was the tenth of twelve children. He was born in “LA,” (that’s lower Alabama), and raised in Yazoo City, Mississippi. His Mom had a fifth-grade education, and his father died when he was 5 years old during the Depression.

Zig said, “mom was a wise woman. We were all hard workers, because we had three milk cows and a large garden, and we survived despite of all the difficulties.” As a child Zig Ziglar’s chore was to weed their big garden. When he told his Mom, he was done weeding the garden she would check to see how it was done. His Mother said, “For someone else’s boy the job was done alright but for my boy you can do a better job!” He went and weeded that garden again and she rechecked it!

Ziglar said, “We all experienced a wonderful childhood.”

Ziglar said: “Well, first of all, my mother a very wise woman, despite her limited education. She taught us with (one) sentence sermonettes. She taught us, ‘Tell the truth/Tell it ever/Cost us what it will/For he who hides the wrong he did/Does the wrong thing still,’ and ‘When a task is once begun/You leave it not until it’s done/And be a matter great or small/You do it well or not at all.’ “Ziglar agreed that this was poetry. “She was a very wise, very disciplined, very loving lady, and those Biblical principles, that is what they are, is what we were raised on.”

Dr. John Maxwell, #1 leadership guru, coach, and one of my mentors says, as a child he was given a list of chores to do at the beginning of the week.

If he had not finished his chores, he would not be allowed to go to the restaurant or the movies with his family during the weekends. Instead he would stay at home and finish his chores. He learned after that to do his chores on time.

What is the greatest gift you can give your children?

The greatest gift you can give your children is to teach them a good work ethic by giving them chores to do to earn the things they want and need.

Chores taught us how to work hard, to be accountable, responsible, and respectful giving us a good foundation for our future.

So, what are the 5 simple strategies for raising awesome kids?

1)Give them appropriate chores for their ages. Start to help them learn a good work ethic at a young age so they will become accountable, responsible, and caring adults.

2) Every morning and evening when your child wakes up and goes to sleep tell them with a smile how much you love and care for them, say something loving to them and give them a kiss on their cheek. Ask them during dinner about their day. Remember you are there to help your children solve their problems and make good choices in a kind caring atmosphere.

If your child has a learning disorder find the best teaching method to help them learn and grow. Do not demean or disparage them. Help your child find a place for them to learn with patience and encouragement.

Remember what Benjamin Franklin asked himself each morning, “what good will I do today?” And every evening Franklin asked himself, “What good have I done today?’

3) Take time from your busy schedule to attend your child’s sports games, their dance recitals, orchestra or band concerts. Attend with a smile and be proud of these small moments for them. Show you care and love them. Give them your TIME, your patience, your kindness, and your encouragement!

Turn your cellphone off and leave it in the car!

4) Praise all the good things they do so they will keep doing it. Correct the bad, but don’t be afraid to let your kids fail! If they do something wrong tell them in private not in front of their friends or in front of other family members.

5) Show your children daily that their parents love each other and respect each other. Never disparage a spouse in front of your children. Only say loving words giving, hugs, kisses, and friendship. If there is a problem meet privately to discuss the problem or issue!

By following these 5 simple strategies you will raise awesome kids too!

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