The healing power of music. In newspapers across the United States, Canada , Scotland and in Venezuela music is being used to help students and patients learn in school and relax after having surgery, volunteer musicians are playing concerts at the bedside of patients in exchange for insurance credits, a new educational music program in in New York City’s public schools is being launched by The Juilliard School and Carnegie Hall, and the homeless are slowly rebuilding their lives through music. Students in the public schools are doing class work while listening to classical music in the background . The articles are listed below with more musical tips :

“Feel Better, Naturally” (Dec. 15, 2006) by Michael Castleman from Health .com. “Music for body aches” A new study in an Ohio pain-clinic involving 40 patients had one group listening to symphonic music or jazz with headphones for an hour a day, another group listening to no music and another group listening to natural sounds or their favorite pop music. ” The music groups said their pain dropped between 12 and 21 percent. in related studies, music even helped reduce pain after surgery, lessen labor pain, aid in burn treatment .. successfully boosted immune function, treating insomnia, high blood pressure” and enhancing the “quality of life for people with cancer”. Sandra Siedlecki, Ph.D., RN. , the co-author of the Ohio study says, for best results, use ear buds or headphones as it blocks out noise.

“Earn Health Care By Playing Your Horn” (Dec. 2006) by Frank Wagner from the Allegro , Associated Musicians of Greater New York. Local 802 AFM. Org. Brooklyn’s Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center wants “musicians to perform for other patients in exchange for credit towards their health care bills. Woodhull Medical Center recognizes that artists possess special talents that can lift spirits , bring hope, and provide a momentary break from one’s concerns.”

“The Musician Next Door” (Dec. 10, 2006) by Terry Teachout from the Wall Street Journal . In January 2007 , 16 Juilliard classical music students “will spend one and a half days each week teaching music in New York City’s public schools in return they’ll receive health insurance,” teaching instruction, monetary stipend for two years, and performance opportunities.

“Juilliard and Carnegie Launch Education Fellowship” by Toni Marie Marchioni (Dec. 2006/ Jan. 2007) The Juilliard Journal, www. . The purpose is the “full spectrum of music education as stipulated in the Department of Education blueprint and take into account five strands: music making, literacy in music , making connections to other disciplines, taking advantage of the resources of cultural institutions , and careers and as individualized programs for each fellow, resident teacher, and student.”

“Unique School Bucks Trend and Enjoys Best Exam Results for the Third Year Running” (Dec. 15, 2006) by Kevin Schofield Education Correspondent from News- Education . “Music school enjoys second success in two days by coming top among independents. St Mary’s, the High School of Glasgow enjoyed a 97 % higher pass rate.” The school’s head teacher, Jennifer Rimer, said: ” We’re all very happy with our results. The pupils all work very hard at their academic studies, but they must also balance it with their music, which makes their achievements even more impressive.” A final note on this article: “On Wednesday, the education website best also announced that, based on its 2006 exam results, St. Mary’s was the best in the country.”

“Stringing Together Notes of Hope and Love” (Dec. 4, 2006) by Suma Pathy from the American Red Cross Journal . In Cincinnati, Ohio young Cincinnati musicians held a concert to raise money for the Measles Initiative at the First United Church of Christ in College Hill, Cincinnati . Young musicians giving the gift of music.

“Sorrow Turned Into Song” (Dec. 3, 2006) by Michele Mandel from the Geoffrey Butler, conductor , professional tenor , music director of All Saints Roman Catholic Church and artistic director of the Toronto Choral Society decided he wanted to help others by using his gift of music. With the help of Madeline Bouzanne , a former music teacher and program manager at Street Haven a shelter for homeless women he began the Street Haven Choir. Singing music helps the choir to “sing through their pain” teaching them “about hard work, commitment and punctuality- lessons” which have helped some members find jobs and rebuild their lives. Butler says, “We never set out to change people or do anything other than put a choir together. But music is therapy. Now most are no longer homeless and are slowly rebuilding their troubles lives.”

“Food and Health” (Dec. 6, 2006) by Kara Nicole Batt, Regular Columnist from “Ease up”. During “this time of year. take the time to relax. light candles, take a bath, listen to classical music”

“Tuning Up Young Ears” ( Dec. 10, 2006 ) by David Nicholson from The Daily Press, Newport News , Virginia. ” Each week, more than 400 kids from infant to age 7, and many of their parents, take classes at this school housed in the basement of Williamsburg United Methodist Church. The school uses play activities and movement to teach kids the fundamentals of music. Along the way , they learn lessons that can help in other parts of life.”

“Education and the Bolivian Revolution” (Dec. 14, 2006) by Mark Langhammer from the Znet/Venezuela/Education and the Bolivian Revolution. “Education is at the heart of Venezuela’s Bolivian Revolution, but no thanks to teachers and their trade unions, according to Damelyn Yeguez, sub Secretary for Education in the Caracas Mayor’s office.” The quality of learning is a problem with low enrollments, health of the children, and condition of school buildings. “Highly politicized barrios are starting to see education as a key tool to progress. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the revival of classical music within the Jose Marti classical music school, a national program based in the barrio of Sarria in Caracas. Across Venezuela a quarter of a million young people spend 6 afternoons a week from 2pm to 6pm studying classical music. This social project involves children , living in unthinkable circumstances, breaking through the various cycle of poverty .” If you had one chance to ask me any question about The power of music for education and healing . what would your specific question be? Click the link to enter your question. I want to help as many people as possible to enhance their lives through music.

Last months Classroom Update On Using Classical Music in the Public School Classrooms

  • Mrs. JC had her fourth grade reading class , 22 in the class, listening to classical music, Mozart, during class for the entire school year .The children have consistently made 100’s on tests and work. These are just average students not exceptional.
  • Mrs. G had her fifth grade students listening to classical music, played softly, while the children did creative writing assignments and when they did problem solving in math. It created a calm atmosphere conducive to problem solving and creative thinking as well as an appreciation of music that they might not have experienced. The results were so good that she incorporated this into her teaching for five year. Performing at Hospitals, Rehab Hospitals, and Retirement Homes
  • Madeline Frank, violist has shared her music with patients at Riverside Hospital, Mary Immaculate Hospital, Rehab Hospitals and the Virginia Veterans Hospital.

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