We want to wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. Remember no one is immune from the power of music. Begin this bright New Year with your own daily dose of Classical Music . Many of the world’s scientists, medical doctors, and mathematicians have studied and played musical instruments since they were children. These eminent individuals have integrated music into their thinking process. Music is a powerful tool for motivating, inspiring, educating and soothing pain. Albert Schweitzer won his Nobel Peace Prize in 1952. At five years of age he began to learn the piano. “Albert Schweitzer was born into an Alsatian family which for generations had been devoted to religion, music, and education. His father and maternal grandfather were ministers; both his grandfathers were talented organists; many of his relatives were persons of scholarly attainments.” (Nobel Prize.org,1952, p.1) He followed in their foot steps. At the age of 30, he decided to go to medical school as he wanted to heal the sick in Africa as a medical missionary. He already had doctorates in philosophy and theology. He was a virtuoso organist, a scholar on Bach, theologian, and medical doctor, who set up practice in Africa., authored books and gave concert tours, lectures, and church sermons all over the world (Joy, 1951, p. 197).

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What do the following scientists, authors, U. S. Presidents , and political figures have in common? Mark Twain, author of Huckleberry Finn Thomas Edison, invented the first practical long lasting light and invented 1,093 patented inventions, Benjamin Franklin, author , American diplomat, drafted the Declaration of Independence and invented the wood burning stove , Charles Dickens author A Tale of Two Cities, Harry Truman 33rd President of U.S., Condeleeza Rice, the U.S. Secretary of State ,Alexander Graham Bell, invented the telephone, John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the U.S., Woodrow Wilson 28th President of U.S. , and Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U. S. President , inventor , and drafted the Declaration of Independence. All of these scientists, authors, U.S. Presidents , and political figures are musicians. For more true stories of the world’s scientists, medical doctors, and mathematicians who have studied and played musical instruments since they were children refer to The Secret of Teaching Science & Math Through Music by Madeline Frank, Ph.D. Go to:https://www.madelinefrankviola.com/the-secret-of-teaching-science-and-math-through-music/

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Doctors Backing Music Therapy (Dec 5, 2007) by Our Correspondent, Western Mail from the icWales.icnetwork.co.uk/news Scholars believe the reason humans respond so well to music is because there is something intrinsically musical about the brain’s structure. Recently a six month study was conducted by Dr. Rosalia Staricoff at Westminster Hospital and Chelsea Hospital to actively look for scientific proof that links music with health. Patients in different wards and units listed to live performances of classical, light and world music. Dr. Staricoff’s findings: We found the levels of blood pressure can be reduced in pregnant women waiting for their appointments in the high-risk ante-natal clinic. We also researched into the amount of drugs needed to induce sleep prior to anesthesia. Patients exposed to cheerful music during pre-operative preparations needed significantly less. Scientist and founder of the renowned Medici String Quartet, Professor Paul Robinson, has seen the effects music can bring as he has played for patients in the hospital. He says, Music is potent in terms of providing relief for depression, anxiety and pain. Broadly speaking music seems to deliver a 30% relief to all those afflictions. If a drug company made a claim like that they would make a fortune. The British Medical Journal has just suggested that the Government spend more money on the arts and less on medicine. A recent report states around 50 billion is currently invested in health care each year and 300 million on the arts. Their suggestion is to divert 0.5% of health care budget into the arts to improve the health of our country. To read more of this article go to:

Political Figures Who Played a Musical Instrument (Dec 3,2007) by Espie Estrella, from your guide to Music Education. About.com: Music Education. Benjamin Franklin played the guitar and the violin , Thomas Jefferson played the violin cello, and clavichord , President Truman played the piano, President Wilson played the violin , and President John Quincy Adams played the flute. Condeleeza Rice is a pianist . Did you know that Patrick Henry, the American orator who said in a speech he gave in 1775, Give me liberty or give me death played the violin and the flute ? To read more about the musical instruments played by famous political figures go to : http://musiced.about.com/od/famousmusicians1/a/famouspeople.htm

Famous People Who Play Musical Instruments in Arts, Science and Sports (Dec 3,2007) by Espie Estrella, from your guide to Music Education. About.com: Music Education. Charles Dickens played the accordion , Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Mark Twain played the piano. Did you know that basketball legend, Oscar Robertson plays the flute, John Smoltz major league baseball player plays the accordion and Bernie Williams, a New York Yankees baseball player plays the guitar? For the complete list of people in science, sports and the arts who have played a musical instrument go to :http://musiced.about.com/od/famousmusicians1/a/famouspeople3.htm?p=1

TV/Movie Personalities Who Played a Musical Instrument by Espie Estrella, from your guide to Music Education. About.com: Music Education. Did you know that actors Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood are all pianists and that Julia Roberts plays the oboe and clarinet? For the complete list of TV/Movie personalities who play or have played a musical instrument go to :

Macedonian Ambassador Melpomeni Korneti: A Mezzo Soprano Diplomat in Ankara ( Dec 11, 2007) from Today’s Zaman.com. The Macedonian Ambassador to Turkey, Melpomeni Korneti is a diplomat, journalist, architect, and musician. She realizes the value of music . She says, & music is a very important part of our lives. It is the supreme art, a universal language. To read more go to:

The Famous Neuroscientist Listens in On the Marvelous and Mysterious Ways that Music Inhabits, Enlivens, and Sometimes Even Hijacks the Brain (Jan 2008) by Susan Kruglinski from Discover Magazine : The Year In Science. In his book Musicophilia, Dr. Sacks relates to Susan Kruglinski how he used music- the Volga Boatmen song , after he injured his leg 33 years ago, to push himself down the mountain with his elbows. He was five or six thousand feet high on a mountain by himself, before cell phones, and he used music going through his mind to save his life. Once again after his leg was set he used the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto to trigger the ability to walk again.

BroMenn’s Musician-Volunteers Play for Patients (December 3,2007) by Paul Swiech from Pantagraph .com In October BroMenn Regional Medical Center began offering its patients a program called Music for the Heart. Three student volunteer musicians play for willing patients and their family members in some patient rooms and lounges. Bob Brandt, 84, was undergoing dialysis in a hospital bed at BroMenn Regional Medical Center while he was listening to music. He smiled from time to time & and his wife ,Barbara Brandt said That was lovely&.I think this is a marvelous idea&..A patient in the hospital has little to look forward to. Music is a wonderful addition. It beats TV. The other people in Brant’s hospital room applauded For the entire article go to:

Music Has Power to Improve Health (Dec. 3,2007) by Laura Urbani from the Tribune-Review, Pittsburghlive.com. Sarah Bitner, a music therapist at Excela Health Hospitals says, Everybody loves music. For some people it’s calming. For others it’s energizing. There are three music therapists on staff at the Excela Health Hospitals . Music therapy is offered in conjunction with regular medical intervention. Music therapy may be used to help decrease pain and sickness during chemotherapy treatments , to reduce anxiety before surgical procedures, or to relieve depression during long hospital stays. For more of the article go to :

Rainier Beach High Opening Students’ Minds- and Yours: School Is Studiously Working to Reinvent Itself ( Dec 12,2007) by Jessica Blanchard from the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Rainer Beach High School is emphasizing its performing arts and academic programs. Principal Robert Gary, Jr. recognizes that Rainier Beach is known more for its athletics than its academics&.but &the school posted double digit gains last fall in the percentage of students passing the 10 grade WASL and was recently removed from the federal list of schools in need of improvement. To read more go to:

Blue Heron Middle School Honored for Academic Gains (Dec 12, 2007) from the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader. Principal Decker says, In reading and writing we’ve made significant strides. In math I know we’ve come up about 12 percent. Music is a big factor. Two-thirds of our kids are involved in art and music. To read more go to:

Influential Harvard Epidemiologist Dies (Dec 13,2007) by Cora K. Currier from the Harvard Crimson Online Edition. Brian MacMahon was one of the most influential men in modern epidemiologist and was also an accomplished classical pianist. His son says, he almost forwent his career in medicine to study music. For 31 years he served as chair of epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health. The current dean of the School of Public Health , James H. Ware says, MacMahon’s 1960 textbook was for many years the bible for young epidemiologists. To read more go to:

Music Is the Key to Healing (Dec 21,2007) by Kurt Loft of the Tampa Tribune. After receiving her new heart at Tampa General Hospital, Robyn L’Heureux recovery was aided by the music played by live musician . Ms. L’Heureux says music just takes you totally out of the hospital to another world. One night , I had a five piece orchestra in my room . And it didn’t bother the other patients. In fact, the musicians would draw crowds. The director of the Integrated Medical Program at Tampa General, Sheela Chokski says, It promotes the process of getting away from an environment of tension. And it has no side effects. To read the full article go to :

Conductorcise a Musical Workout for Seniors (Dec 21,2007) by Marc Cabrera from Monterey County, The Herald. Conductor David Dworkin uses a  workout DVD playing on a high-definition television screen, Larson is getting a symphonic workout through Conductorcise, the new fitness program at the senior living community. The class is conducting , moving, and sweating to the oldies- specifically, Mozart. Bach and Beethoven. Carl Larson, 84 , says The most important thing is to move to the music&Feel that Gypsy Music! To learn more about this marvelous conducting exercise program to the classics go to :

Dennis Student Makes South Jersey Junior High Chorus (Dec 14,2007) by Joe Hart from the Cape May County Herald.com. Seth was unable to speak until he was five years old . His mother, Christie Ostrander , credits his love of music in part with helping him develop into a functioning and enjoyable young man’. As far as music goes he sings whatever they put in front of him&He absolutely loves it. Seth struggles with autism . He is also in the school band playing horn. According to Michael Doheny, president of the South Jersey Choral Directors Association (SJCDA), which runs the chorus, only half of the 340 students from throughout the region that auditioned for the chorus made it. To read more about this marvelous young man go to :http://www.capemaycountyherald.com/article/18843

The Gray Ghost Bill Andberg: 1911-2007 (Dec 13,2007) by Tom Yelle from the ABC Newspapers. Bill Andberg was a veterinarian, world athelete, and a classical musician. He held 30 world and national records in running and in 1971 was declared the world’s fastest 60 year old man.” As a musician he played the violin, sang in choirs , and composed music. To read more on this Renaissance man go to:

The question of the month:
A student asked: Is it possible to take up a musical instrument after putting it aside for several years?

My Answer: It is never to late to return to playing a musical instrument. It might be helpful to take a few lessons with a kind and patient teacher to help you remember how to play. Playing a musical instrument is like riding a bicycle. You may have forgotten some things, but it will come back to you over time. Be patient !

Evidence and articles to support the benefits of music are listed below

The benefits of Classical Music in your daily life, in the Public School Classrooms, and while doing homework after school:

· Music Lessons Pay Off in Higher Earnings: Poll (Nov 14,2007) from the Reuters Life, poll from Harris Interactive.  The poll by Harris Interactive, an independent research company, showed that 88 % of people with a post-graduate education were involved in music while in school and 83% of people earned $150,000 or more had a music education.

· Culture Zohn: Gustavo Dudamel, Hearthrob and Conductor, Lands in LA (Nov 2, 2007) by Patricia Zohn from The Huffington Post. We first heard about Gustavo Dudamel ,26, the new music director of the LA Philharmonic in an article called Music Saved the Street Children of Venez Classical music lessons transformed the lives of thousands of children in the slums of Venezuela. Dudamel is a product of the free classical music lessons and a wonderful new role model as well. To read the full article go to:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/patricia-zohn/culture-zohn-gustavo-dud_b_70791.html

· For the August 13, 2007 article go to:

· Two articles on the benefits of singing and listening to music are How Singing Improves Your Health (Even if Other People Shouldn’t Hear You Singing) and New Study Confirms It: Music is a Must for Your Good Health … and Your Brain by www.SixWise.com (Oct. 17,2007) To read the full articles go to:

· Mrs. JC had her fourth grade reading class , 22 in the class, listening to classical music, Mozart, during class for the entire school year. The children have consistently made 100’s on tests and work. These are just average students not exceptional.

· Mrs. G had her fifth grade students listening to classical music, played softly, while the children did creative writing assignments and when they did problem solving in math. It created a calm atmosphere conducive to problem solving and creative thinking as well as an appreciation of music that they might not have experienced. The results were so good that she incorporated this into her teaching for five year.

· Mrs. J has 3 children, ages 16, 12, and 8 who have been listening to Mozart and other classical music while doing their homework after school since March 05. She has seen them become more focused and relaxed , finishing homework quicker, with more accuracy which has led to higher grades.

· Classical Music Plays at Norfolk School Northside Middle School in Norfolk, Virginia is using classical music in halls and class rooms with very good success. 

· Home Schooling Popularity Grows in WNC ( Oct 14,2007) by Ashley Wilson from the Ashville Citizen -Times Voice of the Mountain, N.C. We have classical music playing all day long. We have National Public Radio in the background. It’s amazing how cultured your children can become.

· Musical Training Found Important for Communication Skills (Oct. 24,2007) To read the transcript and hear the radio broadcast go to : http://www.voanews.com/specialenglish/2007-10-22-voa2.cfm

· Granite Falls Educator Is Nation’s Teacher of the Year (April 26,2007) by Lynn Thompson from the Seattle Times Newspaper. The nations teacher of the year is Granite Falls music teacher, Andrea Peterson. Andrea Peterson, 33, teaches choir and music classes at Monte Cristo Elementary School. She plays almost every instrument in the orchestra , sings, composes music, writes lyrics for her students on subjects as diverse as ocean ecology and Shakespeare. Superintendent Joel Thaut, says, Music isn’t a subsidiary subject in Granite Falls. It’s part of everything we do.

· How the Arts Make Kids Smarter (July 7, 2007) by Mary Belle McCorkle and Shirley Kiser from the Tucson Citizen, Tucson, Arizona. Gene Jones, a retired businessman &&&.To read the entire article go to :http://www.tucsoncitizen.com/daily/opinion/56776.php

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· Mr. O in NYC sent in the following: Don’t forget Dentists! Mine offers a headset with his choice. I bring my own CDs. A certain M Frank prominent among them. (Nov/Dec 2007)

Performing at Hospitals, Rehab Hospitals, and Retirement Homes

· Madeline Frank, violist has shared her music with patients at local Hospitals and Rehab Hospitals in Virginia.

Wishing you and your family a happy , healthy and prosperous New Year
from Your Non-Invasive Medicine & Music Expert, Madeline