October 2012 is the sixth Anniversary of “Madeline’s Monthly Article & Musical Tips Blog” and the Fifth Anniversary of “Madeline’s One Minute Musical Radio Show”.

Our blog features Margaret Truman an American singer, radio and TV personality, biographer, mystery author, mother and grandmother.

Margaret Truman was the daughter of President Harry Truman and First Lady Bess Truman and was born on February 17, 1924 in Independence, Missouri. Margaret Truman was a musician, a team member of the 1955 NBC’s Radio Weekly show with Mike Wallace presenting “news and interviews aimed at a female listening audience”, author of 25 mysteries, 10 non-fiction books, wife of Clifton Daniel, New York Times reporter and later editor, mother to 4 children and grandmother of 5 children.


Margaret’s father, Judge Harry Truman was a pianist and played for his daughter as she was growing up and had her take piano lessons at a young age and later voice lessons. For her 8th birthday she wanted an electric train and instead received a baby grand piano from her father.

Until 1934 she attended the local public school in Independence, Missouri. In 1935 through 1942, Margaret attended school part time in Independence and part time in Washington, DC as her father, Harry Truman, had just been “elected to the United States Senate.”

When the leader of their Church Choir urged Margaret to take voice lessons, she began studying with Mrs. Thomas J. Strickler in Independence, Missouri. She was 16 years old. During high school Margaret intensified her vocal studies

After graduating high school in 1942, Margaret wanted to have a career in music but her father, Harry Truman insisted she attend college. Margaret Truman enrolled at George Washington University where she earned her Associate of Arts degree in 1944, the same “year her father was elected Vice President.” In 1946 Margaret graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from George Washington University. The commencement speaker and presenter of Margaret’s diploma was her father, President Harry Truman who became President on April 12, 1945.

Margaret continued her vocal studies with Helen Traubel, Metropolitan Opera star and Sidney Dictch. She gave her first concert over the radio with conductor Dr. Karl Krueger and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra on March 16, 1947. On August 23, 1947, she sang outside in the Hollywood Bowl with Conductor Eugene Ormandy and his orchestra for an audience of 20,000. In Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on October 17, 1947, she began her first singing tour and sang at Constitution Hall in Washington for the first time on December 11, 1947. Margaret’s parents attended the concert and it was the first time they had heard her sing in public.

Margaret assisted her father during his campaign for re-election with his “Whistle-stop” campaign in 1948.

Margaret Truman sang at Carnegie Hall in New York City on November 20, 1949 for her first appearance and on November 27, 1949, she sang at Constitution Hall with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, DC.

In 1950, she appeared on Ed Sullivan’s “Toast of the Town” show, on Television and completed another concert tour on December 5, 1950 when she returned to sing in Constitution Hall. In February 1951 she signed a contract with the National Broadcasting Company and began another concert tour in 1952.

Highlights of Margaret Truman’s Radio and Television Career:

Margaret moved to New York City in January 1953 to continue working for the National Broadcasting Company. She substituted for Edward R. Murrow for his show on television “Person to Person,” interviewing her parents on May 27, 1955.

She hosted in 1955 and 1956 a radio show called “Weekday.” She began her first daily television show in February 1965 “as co-host on a half-hour special events program broadcast live from Philadelphia.” Mrs. Daniel in 1966 hosted a radio show called “Authors in the News”. She interviewed prominent writers during a five-minute interview that was broadcasted weekdays on over “100 radio stations.”


Margaret Truman Daniel:

Margaret Truman met Clifton Daniel, the assistant of “the foreign news editor of the New York Times” in 1955. On April 21, 1956, in Independence, Missouri at the Trinity Episcopal Church Margaret Truman and Clifton Daniel were married. They were the proud parents of 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

Books by Margaret Truman:

In 1956 Margaret wrote her first book “Souvenir”. This is her autobiography of her early years and her impressions of Winston Churchill and other heroes of the time. She wrote three critically acclaimed books on her father. “Harry S. Truman” (1973), “Letters from Father: The Truman Family’s Personal Correspondence” (1981), and “Where The Buck Stops: The Personal and Private Writings of Harry S. Truman” (1989). She also wrote a biography of her mother “Bess W. Truman” (1986) and 5 other non-fiction books of great historical interest. Margaret Truman began writing her 25 mysteries in 1980.

Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation and Harry S. Truman Library Institute:

In 1975 Congress created the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation “to award scholarships to college students planning careers in Government” and Margaret Truman Daniel served as secretary to the board of trustees from 1977 till her death. Also she served “on the board of directors of the Harry S. Truman Library Institute, a non-profit corporation formed in 1957 to provide support to the Library in its educational activities.” For the one-hundredth anniversary of her father, Harry S. Truman’s birth “she was a member of the Executive Committee of the Truman Centennial Committee which made plans for the observance” in 1984. “Mrs. Daniel was the 1984 recipient of the Harry S. Truman Public Service Award presented annually by the City of Independence to an outstanding American citizen.”


Margaret was a lifelong singer who continued late in life singing in her church choir. Margaret Truman Daniels died on January 29, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois at the age of 83.

Dr. Madeline Frank’s Musical One Minute Radio Show for October 2012:

How did Classical music play a part of Margaret Truman’s life as an American singer, radio and TV personality, biographer, mystery author, mother and grandmother and what musical instrument did she play?


“EKY Woman Uses Music to Fight an Illness” (August 31, 2012) by Jordan Vilines from the WYMT TV 57 Mountain News. Nine years ago “Sharon Morris was diagnosed with Parkinson disease” and her doctor said you will most likely be housebound in in ten years. “Morris knew she had to make a decision” and said “I can work toward something and make my life better or I can just sit here in the house and wait.”

Sharon Morris decided, two years ago, at 61 to enroll “at the HCTC Kentucky Bluegrass and Traditional School of Music to fulfill her passion of singing and playing guitar. As the year 2013 approaches, Morris is far from being house-bound.” She says, “Music began soothing her symptoms of Parkinson’s” and “since she started school, her symptoms have improved by 75 percent” She is an inspiration to her class mates, teachers and the heads of the school of music.

Morris started school at HCTC in 2010 where she now has a 4.0 grade point average and a nearly perfect attendance record. She is certainly an inspiration to both students and staff.

“Morris says her story shows the power of music and how it’s helped turn her whole life around. She says, “I don’t think it’s the end of my journey, I think it’s just the beginning.” Jordan Vilines says, “A journey made possible by her ability to turn adversity into accomplishments. Morris hopes to graduate from HCTC with her Associate Degree in May of 2013.”


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