We want to wish all of our readers a very Happy Mother’s Day! One mother recently said, “Mothers are the quiet unsung heroes!” Mothers are more concerned about their children’s needs then their own. (Selflessness) Mothers love their children with their whole heart and are willing to sacrifice for their children’s needs. (Unconditional love) Music is a powerful tool for motivating, inspiring, educating and soothing pain. Remember no one is immune to the power of music! Parents remember to have classical music on your family’s iPod.

If anyone has an experience they would like to share with our readers on the benefits of classical music please send it and it will be include it in the June 2010 newsletter!

Our articles this month are a blog “Keys to Survival During Times of Financial Distress” and the E-zine article “Guaranteeing Women’s Financial Success” written by Madeline Frank, Ph.D. to help young people develop their financial success. These articles share the wisdom of her mother, Romayne Leader Frank’s principals for financial success.



Madeline’s Musical One Minute Radio Show for May 2010:

How did Classical Music play a part of Romayne Leader Frank’s life as a lawyer, counselor, family advocate, mother and grandmother and what instruments did she play?

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Question of the Month: Who was Romayne Leader Frank?

Romayne Leader Frank was born on May 28, 1929 in Detroit, Michigan to Earl David Leader a lawyer and artist and Mary Chernick Leader a stock investor, secretary, and musician. As a child in Michigan Romayne studied the piano and trumpet and was a voracious reader. In high school she was an excellent student continuing with her music lessons, studying ballet after school and was a model. As a teenager she worked as a life guard and enjoyed ice skating. After graduating high school she attended the University of Michigan. In 1948, Romayne married Robert Frank who was studying medicine at the University of Virginia. She transferred to the University of Virginia to finish her education. In 1950 Romayne completed her education degree at the University of Virginia and Robert completed his Medical Degree.

After graduation Romayne and Robert went to Boston where Robert did his Medical Internship. Romayne always wanted to be a Lawyer like her Father, Earl D. Leader. Romayne had applied and was offered admission to Harvard Law School. At the time it was too much money for both of them to attend school.  Romayne applied for a teaching position in Boston and found she was not allowed to teach in the Boston school system because she was a  married women. Romayne went to work for Sears & Roebucks’ and wrote speeches on the side for Boston politicians at $50 a speech. She enjoyed working at Sears and writing political speeches. In Boston their first child was born and then they moved to Long Island for Robert’s Surgical Residency where their second child, Madeline, was born. After Robert’s Surgical Residency was completed they moved to Newport News, Virginia where Romayne taught in the public schools and Robert began his Medical practice.

Romayne went to work for Sears & Roebucks’ and wrote speeches on the side for Boston politicians at $50 a speech. She enjoyed working at Sears and writing political speeches. In Boston their first child was born and then they went to live in Long Island for Robert’s Surgical Residency where their second child, Madeline, was born. After Robert’s Surgical Residency they returned to Newport News, Virginia where Romayne taught in the public school and Robert began his Medical practice.

Romayne still dreamed of going to Law School and her husband, Robert’s patients were fishermen and farmers so they paid him in vegetables or fresh fish and so money was in short supply.

Romayne waited over eight years to go to law school and one day she made an appointment with the Dean of the local law school. The Dean said “If you can get A’s in both of these Law classes you will be given a scholarship to attend Law School.” Romayne earned A’s in both classes. She was willing to study hard to reach her dream.

She arranged her law classes so she would be home when her 9 year old son and eight year old daughter arrived home from elementary school. She always had milk and cookies on the dining room table for her children and a cup of coffee for herself. Each day she would sit down with her children and they would do their homework together after school. Romayne had her law books to study and her children had their homework from elementary school to study.

They worked together studying for three years until their Momma, Romayne Leader Frank finished law school at the top of her class. Romayne Leader Frank was one of the first women to graduate Law School at the College of William & Mary Law School. She practiced law with her father, Earl D. Leader and latter with her youngest son, Steven P. Frank. She practiced Family Law & Real Estate Law for 38 years helping others.

My Momma taught us to keep looking and thinking about ways to solve our problems. She taught us that if we want something badly enough we would be willing to study and work hard enough to get it. Momma was our role model. She was willing to lead us by example and show us how to study, how to learn, how to think, and how to reason out our problems.


My Momma , Romayne Leader Frank was happily married for more than 54 years to the love of her life, my Father, Robert J. Frank . My parents, Robert and Romayne founded R&R Construction and developed it into a thriving business in real estate development. Later their children and friends joined them. Romayne and Robert Frank led the firm as it constructed dozens of buildings from Oyster Point to J. Clyde Morris Boulevard, and in Hampton, James City County, and Isle of Wight. Robert J. Frank and Romayne Leader Frank brought new businesses to the Cities where they constructed new buildings. They also brought many new jobs and more taxes into these Cities.

My beloved mother, Romayne Leader Frank was a brilliant woman with a warm giving heart who loved her family unconditionally. She loved and cared for her family, friends, and clients. She taught her 4 children and grandchildren the value of education, hard work, and service to others. As a child, teenager and adult I remember many happy times cooking and baking pies for the Holidays with my wonderful Mother Romayne Leader Frank. We had such fun together. As a very small child she taught my older brother and I how to swim.

Her hobbies were dancing, playing the piano, the harp, playing with her grandchildren and traveling around the World.  My Mother, Romayne Leader Frank’s brilliant light left us on June 2, 2003.

“Getting Inside the Brain: Neurosciences Institute Researchers Seek ‘New Knowledge'” (March 25, 2010) by Dave Schwab from the Salona Beach Sun.net. “The institute’s director and founder, Gerald M. Edelman, M.D., Ph.D., .. shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1972 for discoveries concerning the chemical structure of antibodies.” Dr. Edelman says, “We have a small group investigating the effect of music on the brain noting that doesn’t involve orthodox psychological testing but “measuring how the brain relates to music in an actual physical way,” accomplished via recording magnetism elicited by brains. Finding the principles Edelman said the research is valuable because “we think music is a way of understanding language.”


“Students Take To Strings And Bows (April 12, 2010) by Cathy Grimes from the Daily Press.com,Newport News, VA. Carver Elementary School after school program is teaching first graders to play the violin. The Principal at Carver Elementary School is Alicia Spencer. She has been playing Classical music in her classrooms for 17 years.

“From Concert Halls to Health Care Facilities, Musicians Bring the Gift of Music to Appreciative Geriatric Audiences” (April 4, 2010) by David Gordon Duke, Special to the Vancouver Sun. Founder David Lemon “saw how the lack of stimulation in the elder care institutions contributed to their loss of acuity. Bringing music to those in their later years struck him as an enriching enterprise, an idea that cried out for action.”   He has “a roster of more than 300 artist-performers, from the cream of local pros to a cadre of young players in the “Emerging Performers Program.” This season alone will include almost a thousand 45-minute concerts.”


Wishing you and your family a very happy Mother’s Day from your Non-Invasive Medicine…Music Expert, Madeline