We wish all our readers a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Classical music has the power to motivate, inspire, educate and soothe pain. Our article of the month is “Are You Wearing Blinders for This Election?” by Madeline Frank, Ph.D.

Our blog features Allan M. Berger Certified Public Accountant, radio show engineer, musician, husband and father. Mr. Allan Berger helps others to be fiscally responsible as a CPA and helps others to learn by recording their student concerts and Radio Shows. His passions are music, mathematics, sports and a strong desire to help others.

Allan M. Berger was born on Oct 2, 1945 in New York City to Pearl and Samuel Berger. Allan’s father Samuel Berger worked as a buyer at Sears in the fur department and his mother Pearl later worked at B. Altman’s Department store. He also had an older sister, Stephanie. At the age of two, Allan’s family moved to Long Island. His father, Samuel Berger, enjoyed the music of “Gilbert and Sullivan” and his mother, Pearl Berger, enjoyed “Operettas” and enjoyed singing the songs of the day. Allan’s sister studied the piano.

When Allan was 5, his father, Samuel Berger passed away. Allan, his mom and sister moved to Hewlett, Long Island where the best schools in Long Island were located. He attended an advanced elementary school which emphasized math so he became proficient by the 5th grade. He began playing the mellophone, a marching version of the French Horn, in the sixth grade and switched to the trumpet the following year. The band performed concerts in the school auditorium.

His mother introduced him to classical concerts by taking him to The Young People’s Concerts conducted and narrated by Leonard Bernstein at Carnegie Hall in New York City. They also attended Broadway musicals. As a youngster, good classical programming was available on TV with programming such as the Firestone series.

Allan attended Lawrence High School in Lawrence, Long Island where he played Trumpet in the band throughout high school. Allan said, “The teachers were of a very high quality and I received excellent academic exposure.” He was a good student through high school and his favorite subject was mathematics. He also played intermural sports through high school. When Allan graduated high school, he was awarded a partial scholarship to attend a New York State university but decided to attend a University out-of-state.

Allan Berger attended the University of Cincinnati and studied a wide variety of courses and used his post graduate studies to concentrate on business and received his MBA from Bernard Baruch College in New York City. He says, “Cincinnati is a highly cultural city and their symphony and pops orchestras have attained world-wide acclaim. I attended when I had funds to purchase tickets. I played spring baseball my freshman year and met Pete Rose who coached the team prior to his departure for spring training.” As a student studying towards his MBA at Baruch College, he used his student ID to attend the Metropolitan Opera many times.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati he moved back to NYC to work at Chase Manhattan Bank in the Tax and Insurance Department for a few years before starting out in public accounting with Oppenheim, Appel & Dixon. During that time, he attended classes in the evening for his MBA at Bernard Baruch College. He continued to attend operatic, chamber music and orchestral concerts, which is easy to accomplish in Manhattan. He also continued to amass his classical music library.

Allan Berger moved to Virginia in 1983 and began working for a company which did both construction and property management as their CPA and he works there to this day. He was happy to stay involved in music by recording his wife, Madeline Frank’s concerts and CD’s as well as her student recitals and radio shows.

Allan’s favorite Classical music is by Mozart, Dvorak, Puccini and Verdi and he always enjoys listening to Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” and Dvorak’s String Quartet called “The American” and his “Serenades”. Mozart’s “Magic Flute” is a favorite and of course all the operas of Puccini and Verde.

Allan Berger says, “Studying trumpet facilitated an easy comprehension of math and required a discipline to attain proficiency and this discipline was applied to all my courses and projects. I listen to music as a background to my hectic business life and enjoy live concerts available in Virginia supplied principally by Hampton Arts.”

Dr. Madeline Frank’s Musical One Minute Radio Show for November 2012

Allan M. Berger how does Classical music play a part of your life as a Certified Public Accountant, radio show engineer, husband, and father and what musical instrument do you play?


Our article of the month is “Are You Wearing Blinders for This Election?” by Madeline Frank, Ph.D. Will you open your eyes to the dangers around you for your family, friends, and co-workers before the election? History has taught us that history does repeat itself!

Will you open your eyes to the dangers around you for your family, friends, and co-workers before the election? History has taught us that history does repeat itself!

President Ronald Regan said, “Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction.” Do you think America can continue on its current path with runaway spending, big government, no accountability, high unemployment (23 million unemployed), taxpayers money going overseas to benefit our enemies, and leaving our Ambassadors and our citizens unprotected? A President protects, defends and builds up his or her country. They do not destroy it and make speeches against their countries interests! A President has honor and integrity and keeps all his or her promises.

Leading up to WW11 only one man, Winston Churchill, saw the danger and the warning signs emanating from Adolph Hitler and Germany to his country, Great Britain. Everyone else was wearing blinders. Prime Minister Winston Churchill stayed strong for his country! He realized what was happening in the world and made his country men and women take off their blinders as to what was happening in their country. When he said, “Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy, “he meant it! When Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a promise to his country he would keep it!

Prime Minister Churchill opened his countries eyes and the eyes of the people of the United States as to what was happening around them! Without the great Winston Churchill both countries would have been lost!

Leaders of a country or organization build and defend their countries and businesses they do not destroy them!

In 1979, newly elected Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher set to work repairing Great Britain’s bankrupt economy and rising unemployment by privatizing all nationalized industries and public housing which were sold to its tenants. Prime Minister Thatcher sold all these industries at favorable terms to promote private enterprise. Her aim was to reduce government power and promote the rights of individuals who would be property owners and pay a mortgage on their new properties.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said at the time, “Unless we change our ways and our direction. Our greatness as a nation will soon be a footnote in the history books, a distant memory of an offshore island, lost in the mist like Camelot, remembered for its noble past.”

This quote is a timely reminder! We must protect and defend America by voting a new President in who will defend, protect, and build America back up to its greatness!

On the first Tuesday in November all American citizens will be voting for President of the United States. This is a decision is of paramount importance to the future of our American way of life. Take off your blinders and think very carefully before you vote! Vote for a leader who is honest and truthful, has family values, keeps his promises, will protect your country and its citizens interests and believes in developing businesses in America to put our citizens back to work to keep our dreams of America alive. (C) 2012 Madeline Frank



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