We are beginning a new school year, which is a new opportunity to begin using classical music in the classrooms during class and in the hallways and on school buses to and from school. Classical music playing in the background helps students to relax, allowing them to concentrate and do a better job on their work.

The new school year is also a wonderful opportunity to start learning a musical instrument to learn discipline, cooperation, teamwork, motivation, concentration and self-esteem. Studying a musical instrument develops millions of new connections, synapses, between nerve cells in the brain. Many of the world’s scientists, doctors, teachers, authors and mathematicians are also musicians.

This month’s article /blog and Radio Show celebrate the work of Merri and Gary Scott experts on teaching 1000s of people to speak Spanish through Baroque music and how to be international investors. Also included are three articles on how studying a musical instrument “sharpens your mind” , makes you smarter, helps you heal faster, and a new article by Dr. Madeline Frank, “Can Social Media Build Your Business?”

Radio Show feature question for September 2014: How do experts, Merri and Gary Scott teach 1000s of people to successfully speak Spanish in their course “Super Thinking- Super Spanish” using Dr. Georgi Lozanov’s method with Baroque music?


Our blog article features Merri and Gary Scott, writers, publishers, and experts on International investing and in teaching 1000s of people to successfully speak Spanish in their course “Super Thinking- Super Spanish” using Dr. Georgi Lozanov’s method with Baroque music.

On July 18-20, 2014 my husband, Allan and I, were students in Merri and Gary Scott’s  “Super Thinking- Super Spanish” Course.

Merri Scott studied with Dr.Georgi  Lozanov , medical doctor and Father of Accelerated Learning who taught, through the power of positive suggestion, with a “relaxed and focused state of mind learning becomes joyful.” He believed in removing roadblocks to learning. As a medical doctor his approach was holistic. Merri and Gary Scott are continuing Dr. Lozanov’s work by offering their “super Thinking- Super Spanish” Course.

Dr. Madeline Frank:  “Merri what was studying at the Goethe Institute like?”

Mrs. Merri Scott: “After years of studying Latin and French, I found myself in Europe in my early 20s once again studying for 2 1/2 years at the Goethe Institute in Europe. The accomplishment of German in the Institutes in Europe was extremely painful and stressful. Although I did obtain bountiful mastery as well as even dreamed in German after over 2 years there, I felt exhausted and depleted. I should have been excited, thrilled and happy.”

Madeline: “When did you decide to learn Spanish and how did you do it?”

Merri: “After returning home to Georgia, I decided to winter in Yucatan. The urge to explore another country and the desire to pursue a career in Import & Export plus the continued dreary weather convinced me to go and try it. So, I packed a suitcase & headed out. As a language major, I was fluent in French, German with years of Latin and Origins of Modern Language courses behind me.”

“Loving the weather but not enjoying (or being able to afford) an idle life, I discovered a world of opportunity. The markets of Yucatan unfolded to me, discovering the wonders of textiles beautifully made in styles and fabrics unknown to the U.S. at that time.”

“However, not speaking Spanish made me feel deprived, and not in a strong position to do business. It was imperative to speak Spanish! Fast!!!”

“What happened was quite miraculous. Fluency in a language as the Goethe Institute (the respected language school) defines it as 1200 words.”

“Because I had studied for those years under this powerful learning system, I knew of its accuracy. As I struggled to teach myself Spanish, my first thoughts were “How quickly can I know 1200 words?” Well, a lot quicker than you can imagine! Modern languages (French, Spanish, Italian, English) are based on Latin, with the same roots. If I knew a word in French or English, perhaps there would be a similar word in Spanish. This led to a number of “rules” on how to automatically convert English words to Spanish.”

“My great hope was there might be a couple of hundred words that are more or less the same in both languages…but lo and behold, you’ll see that there are actually 4005 words! (These I painstakingly selected. I went joyfully through every word in the largest Spanish dictionary and decided whether its English counterpart was familiar & suitable & if so, added it to my list.)

“Back then, I thought…I need to know how to pronounce these words and I need to know how to recognize more and more and that’s about it…but whoa”

“How about speaking in whole sentences? How about conjugation of verbs? How about the dreaded derivation of sentences? How about sounding gracious and honorable?”

“I must learn instantly. I must speak now. I must communicate. I sought to communicate…while honoring the language. Could this possibly be?  Well, of course it could. And it did.”

Madeline: “Where did you hear about Dr. Lozanov?”  

Merri : “I was pursuing my lifelong career in publishing and I read with a great deal of interest, “Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain” by Ostrander and Schroeder and also their book on “Super Learning”.”

“I was totally taken with this idea of stress free learning and couldn’t agree more over Dr. Lozanov’s comment, “Many of us are the victims of education.”

Madeline: “Merri when did you work with Dr. Georgi Lozanov and tell us about the experience?”

Merri: “Thirty eight years ago, I was fortunate enough to be chosen for Dr. Georgi Lozanov’s , “SuperLearning Course” and became a certified teacher licensed in these techniques in 1976. This is a stress free, remarkable system and my life was changed forever. Spending weeks with 11 very erudite and interesting others from all over the world was a remarkable experience. Having the benefit of the understanding and experience of Dr. Georgi Lozanov, the energy and drive of Dr. Carl Schleicher and the devotion to language of who was to come my best friend, Parisian Simone Bedard (whose father was the Ambassador from France) gave me the root, the basis, the knowledge and the joy of these powerful techniques.”

“The class and the teachings were extraordinary. We had the head of the Buddhist Monks, the Cultural Minister of Russia, the head of the radionics masters from Zurich, and a number of equally fascinating people. And then there was me!” 

“In a sense, super learning adds by taking away deleting negative suggestions, limiting ideas, fear images, and self-blame. It is not so much that super learning gives us something new…it gives us something we already have…ourselves!”

“Dr. Lozanov wanted everyday people to have “joyful learning” with a “positive outlook” with “team learning and cooperation.”

“The miraculous did happen.  The Bulgarians were viewed and categorized as the lowest order in the Russian Empire.  After just 10 months of training by Lozanov, the students and countries rose to #1 in the Empire!”

Madeline:  “What is the “Music you use as the bridge to awareness” in your “Super Thinking- Super Spanish” Course?  

Merri : “The music in the background of our “Super Thinking- Super Spanish” Course is the music “Dr. Lozanov taught us to use in his classroom. The slow movements of Baroque composers Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli, Tartini, and Pachelbel. The music played is slower than a person’s heart beat and relaxes the students and helps them remember more.”

Madeline : “Gary how did you and Merri develop your “Super Thinking- Super Spanish” course?”

Mr. Gary Scott: “The principles taught at the “Super Thinking + Spanish” course are the same that led to the creation and execution of the course.  They are principles of using the mind body to create and grow rather than rote learning with the brain.”

“These principles and the actual techniques evolved over three decades.  The evolution began in our self -publishing and seminar business that was focused on international investing and business.  We had no thought whatsoever of writing or teaching about communication in Spanish.”

“Our focus did however look at the concepts of integrating logic with intuition.  Having taught tens of thousands of readers about multi currency investing, we were always puzzled how the same advice helped some readers reap rich rewards while others would use the same advice and lose money.”

“The roots of the Spanish course started in a small Ecuadorian indigenous village. As increasing numbers of our readers moved to Ecuador we saw that many of them struggled to learn Spanish.  Merri was in a perfect position to help so in about 2002 she developed the course.”

Madeline :  Gary can you tell us your web sites for your three-day Super Thinking+ Spanish course” and your “International Investing” and “Writing course”?



Dr. Madeline Frank: “Merri and Gary Scott thank you for inspiring, motivating, and teaching your “Super Thinking -Super Spanish” course to thousands of people and for your courses on “International Investing” and “writing”. What a wonderful legacy you are sharing with others.”


Can Social Media Build Your Business? By Madeline Frank, Ph.D., DTM

Does your business need more customers? Would you like to promote your business to have more customers?

In the 2014 movie “Chef”, Chef Carl, played by Jon Favreau, is a well-known Chef working in Riva’s restaurant, played by Dustin Hoffman, for the last 5 years. The head food critic, Oliver Platt, gave the restaurant a bad review saying the food was “unimaginative.”

Chef decides to write back on Twitter after his 10-year-old son, Percy, shows him how. Chef sends his comments out to thousands without realizing it.

Chef Carl throws out a challenge to the food critic that he would put together a new menu of original wonderful foods for the critic to taste. Chef’s boss insists he continue to cook the usual dishes on the menu the way it is. Chef refused and he was fired. The critic came to the restaurant expecting the special menu and the Chef comes in and tells the critic off and one of the customer’s videos the breakdown and it goes on You Tube ruining Chef Carl’s reputation.

Chef Carl’s ex-wife suggests he take an old food truck, restore it, and go on the road cooking the dishes he wants to cook. At first, Chef says no to this offer but eventually he decides to clean and repair the food truck with his son’s help and later Martin, his former assistant chef joins them. In the process of fixing the truck and going on the road, Chef repairs his relationship with his son Percy, and they travel from Miami to Los Angeles cooking a Cuban menu of foods. Percy, the Chef’s son is learning to cook and tells customers on Twitter each day where the food truck will be located, the street address, City and State, and the menu and prices for each dish. At each stop they have a crowd of people waiting to purchase the special menu of the day.

Chef Carl and his food truck have become a success. His ten-year-old son Percy has promoted their food truck on Social Media and Chef Carl has gone from being a washed up Chef to once more having a new stronger reputation. The food critic that once ruined his reputation now offers him a new restaurant.

So what are the 3 things you can do to promote your business through social media?

1) Begin by joining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube and write up your businesses profile. Tell your audience what products you offer and how you can help them with a problem they have related to that product. Offer the names of your products, the benefits, and the cost of each product. Begin a customer list so your customers can receive your article or blog regularly to share special product features and specials.

2) Send out one-line messages to your customers about the sale of the day or the sale of the week with the prices of your merchandise or your restaurants new dishes for that week.

3) Make sure you have all your vendor licenses in order for food trucks and vendor trucks. If you are on the road in a food truck or in a vendor truck tell your customers by Twitter or Facebook where you will be on a specific date, the time you will arrive and open for business, the street address, and the City and State you will be in. Also tell them what your daily specials are and the cost for each.

What happens if you don’t tell people about your business?

“Nothing!” So get started and advertise your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It’s cost effective too!

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“Playing Musical Instrument ‘Sharpens Mind’ Says St. Andrews Study” (Sep. 27, 2013) from the   BBC News Edinburgh, Fife, & East Scotland.

This study “adds to previous studies linking musical skills with mental and physical well-being.” Dr. Ines Jentzsch, psychologist and pianist, says, “Our study shows that even moderate levels of musical activity can benefit brain functioning.” She also says, “musical activity could be used as an effective intervention to slow, stop or even reverse age, illness, related decline in mental functioning. Musical activity cannot only immensely enrich our lives but the associated benefits for our physical and mental functioning could even be even more far-reaching than proposed in our previous research.”

“Study Finds Childhood Musical Training Enhances Cognitive Brain Function”  (July 4, 2014)

from the Strad Magazine. “Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital say a minimum of two years of private lessons boosts ‘executive functioning’, the area of the brain responsible for cognitive control. Enhancing the organizational function boosts information processing, retention, problem solving and planning, and helps to regulate behavior.”


“Classical Music Takes Center Stage in Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital Therapeutic Concert Program” (July 9, 2014) by Kelly Petty from the ColaDaily.com in Columbia, south Carolina.

The musicalConcerts help children to heal faster and has a calming and relaxing effect on the children. The Classical music also helps them to forget their illnesses bring joy into their lives. The children also ask the String Quartet from the South Carolina Philharmonic to play their favorite pieces on request like the “Star Wars theme, “Pink Panther” as well as other favorites.


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