October 2013 is the seventh Anniversary of “Madeline’s Monthly Article & Musical Tips Blog” and the sixth Anniversary of “Madeline’s One Minute Musical Radio Show”.

By playing Classical music in your class rooms, in the hallways of your school, in the cafeteria during lunch and on school buses to and from school your students will be able to concentrate better on their school work and will be more relaxed and better behaved. It’s all about choosing the right to study by!

 Radio Show feature question for October  2013: “Mrs. JS, can playing Classical Music in the background while your children do their homework help them to concentrate and do better school work?”


Our blog features Mrs. JS, a parent, the mother of four children, and a business women. Mrs. JS will share with us her success secrets for getting her children to be successful students in school .

Dr. Frank: “Mrs. JS, can playing Classical Music in the background while your children do their homework help them to concentrate and do better school work?”

Mrs. JS’s says,  “I have four children, ages 21, 18, 14 and 10 who have been listening to Mozart and other classical music while doing their homework after school   since March 05. I have seen them become more focused and relaxed, finishing homework quicker, with more accuracy which has led to higher grades.”

Dr. Frank: “How old were your children when you began to put on Classical music in the background to do their homework and what were their grades after listening to the Classical music while doing their homework after school every day?”

Mrs. JS’s says, “My children’s ages were 13, 10, 6, and 2 when they began to listen to Classical music in the back ground while they did their homework. They have mostly made A’s and are listed on the A/B Honor Role.”

Dr. Frank:  “What was the first Classical music you put on for your children to listen to while doing their homework?”

Mrs. JS’s says, “Our first Classical music CD was a Mozart Symphony.”

Dr. Frank:  “Your oldest child is in College, and is an excellent student. Does she continue to listen to Classical music while doing her homework?”

Mrs. JS’s says,  “Yes, I sent her to college with 2 CDs, Mozart Symphonies and one CD which has a variety of Classical music that she listens to while doing her homework.”

Dr. Frank:  “You have two children in high school one in elementary school, do  they all listen to the same Classical music cd?”

Mrs. JS’s says, “Yes, they sit at the dining room table together to do homework while the CD is playing softly in the background. We change CDs weekly.”

Dr. Frank: “Do any of your children study a musical instrument?”

Mrs. JS’s says, “Yes, two of my children study the guitar and piano.”

Dr. Frank:  “Did you study a musical instrument?”

Mrs. JS’s says, “Yes, I studied the piano.”

Dr. Frank: “Thank you Mrs. JS for being a guest on our Radio Show and sharing how you have motivated and inspired your four children to be excellent students in school for over eight years through playing Classical music in the back ground while they are doing their homework.  We hope more parents will follow your leadership example and put Classical music CDs on in the background while their children are doing their homework so their children can be good students in school too.”

 “Listening to Music is Good for Your Heart” (Sep. 2, 2013) by Michael Harper from the Red Orbit.com. Professor Deljanin Ilic said in an interview for “The Telegraph” on her study from the “European Society of Cardiology, Selecting music that “makes us happy”, without words, is the best music. “Words themselves can upset the emotions. She specifically mentioned Classical music as a suggestion for heart healthy tunes.”

Professor Ilic’s study reported in the “European Society of Cardiology” monitored  74 heart disease patients who “were split into three groups.  The first group took exercise classes which focused on cardiovascular regimens. The second group took the same classes, but listened to whichever music they chose for thirty minutes a day. The final group only listened to music and did not perform any cardiovascular exercises.”

The results: “The patients in the group who listened to music while exercising improved their heart health by 39%. Patients in the group listening to music without exercise improved by 19%.  The group “only” exercising “improved their exercise capacity by 29%.”

“Musical Therapy Healing Children, Alzheimer’s Patients” (Sep. 3, 2013) by Elizabeth Landau, CNN. Brian Jantz, a guitarist and music therapist at Boston Children’s Hospital uses “music to help patients as young as premature babies in the neonatal intensive to older children.” When a child is frightened about having oncology, x-ray or some other procedure, Jantz accompanies them on his guitar and has them sing or use a maraca or a drum to get their mind off the procedure. Jantz says, “We kind of joke around, ‘It’s like a music emergency,’ but it really is.  It really can be like, ‘This patient needs music therapy right now.’ ”

Music therapists are also working with soldiers who have “experienced post-traumatic stress.” They are using music teaching them to play instruments and participate in a band. “Semper Sound Band, a musical program through the nonprofit Resounding Joy Inc. that helps service members reintegrate into the community and promotes group cohesion. Vaudreuil was the band director at that time.”

Playing the favorite music of Alzheimer’s patients and having them sing and play instruments with the music therapist helps them remember.

“Mösenbichler-Bryant Discusses the Duke Medicine Orchestra” (August 23, 2013) by Tony Shan from the dukechronical .com. Medical personnel are also musicians and play instruments in Duke Medicine Orchestra to help their patients heal faster.  http://www.dukechronicle.com/articles/2013/08/23/msenbichler-bryant-discusses-duke-medicine-orchestra

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